Easter Potluck Ideas: 30 Recipes that Travel Well

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Easy Easter potluck ideas for celebrating the holiday with family and friends on a budget. Whether you're building a buffet table menu at home or bringing a dish to pass at the church potluck, get all the easy recipes you need here.

An easter bunny in a photo collage next to several potluck recipes.

If there's one tip I could give you for how to make hosting a special Easter brunch in your home easier to manage, it would be to give your guests the joy of contributing to the meal by hosting an Easter potluck.

For a truly festive table overflowing with the season's best, it is infinitely easier to have many hands make light work of the feast.

If you're hosting, offer to cook the main dish that will work as the center of the menu and everyone else can contribute an easy potluck side dish or travel-friendly dessert to add to the buffet. I recommend my easy Crockpot spiral ham for a buffet table or my mustard glazed ham with pineapples for a show-stopping main dish.

When you share the work with guests, it ensures that everyone can focus on what makes the day truly special and relax a little more with loved ones--including YOU.

What to Bring to a Potluck

If you're invited to a potluck and are wondering what you should bring, here is my best advice on how to pick the best potluck recipes:

1. Travel-Friendly

You want dishes that won't spill or slosh around in the car (like soups or punch) and aren't in danger of breaking apart (like delicate puff pastry appetizers.)

Something a little sturdier or that travels in an easy dish would make a best pick.

2. Consider the Temperature

The best potluck recipes are delicious when served at room temperature because they'll be sitting on a buffet table for a long time.

If you want to bring a hot dish, consider a Crockpot recipe (but make sure there will be an outlet available and YOU should bring the recipe in the slowcooker) or a casserole that can be popped in the oven for a quick reheating.

3. Easy Upgrades

The potluck host is going to be doing a lot of the work before you arrive and even more after you leave with the clean-up. When you're asked to bring a single dish, try to put a little bit more thought and effort into the item to show you care.

There are lots of easy store bought items you could grab and just add something small that is homemade to go with it.

For example:

If you're going to bring a fruit tray from the grocery store, add an easy homemade fruit dip.

If you're going to bring a veggie tray, how about a simple cold dip for parties?

You could even bring a box of crackers and this homemade pimento spread that takes just 5 minutes to stir together.

Don't Forget These Potluck Items

The most important thing to remember when bringing a dish to an Easter potluck is that you want to be sure your item is ready to enjoy without any work from the host.

This means that in addition to bringing your recipe, you will also bring:

  • A pretty container for serving the food: A bread basket for rolls, a pretty tray for the appetizers, or an attractive salad bowl for the food.
  • Any serving tools needed: Don't forget to pack the spatula, spoon, knife or serving fork guests will need to transfer your food from the serving dish to their plate. Don't count on the host having enough for every dish on the table.
  • Necessary condiments or seasonings: Does your recipe go really well with a certain dip or mustard or butter or honey? Bring those along in a serving cup as needed.
  • Fresh garnishes: For the final touch before your food is added to the potluck table, think about adding a sprinkle of something fresh and green like parsley or chives or adding an edible flower garnish to make your platter pretty.
  • Napkins and/or plates: There's a good chance the potluck host will already have these ready for the Easter brunch but call ahead in advance and offer to bring those too. Your host may appreciate the help in providing all the party ware necessary for guests to eat the brunch items.

More Party Planning Tips

Whether you're the guest or the potluck host, keep in mind that the most important part of your party planning is knowing that your Easter brunch is an awesome chance to love your neighbor.

Our world is better off when we gather together to celebrate and spread joy. With that in mind, anything that goes "wrong" is just a minor detail.

If this is your first time hosting a brunch, don't miss my easy party planning tips for beginners.

Easter Potluck Ideas for Sunday Morning

Whether you're going to an Easter potluck with family and friends or you're heading to your community church potluck, these dishes are sure to be a crowd pleaser and disappear quickly from the buffet tables!

Make-Ahead Hot Cross Biscuits

You can prep these hot cross biscuits the day before and then bake them in the morning before icing them with the cream cheese frosting crosses. This is one of my all-time favorite Easter recipes.

Hot Cross Biscuits
This easy make ahead hot cross biscuit recipe is perfect for baking for Easter. Serve it as part of your Easter brunch or as a sweet treat before the Easter egg hunt begins! Tasty cream cheese frosting crosses are the perfect finishing touch to the flaky biscuits studded with sweet currants.
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A platter of hot cross biscuits has a ceramic carrot accessory. Each biscuit has a cream cheese frosting cross on the top and currants inside.

Bread Machine Crescent Dinner Rolls

Use your bread maker to prep the dough for these homemade crescent dinner rolls and your family will never guess how easy these were to make!

Homemade fresh bread will make you the potluck superstar. Be sure to check out all the easy Easter bread recipes I have here.

Bread Machine Crescent Dinner Rolls
Easy homemade bread machine crescent rolls are perfect for a delicious holiday bread. Serve them at Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas warm from the oven. Can be made ahead and frozen for an even easier serving.
5 from 57 votes
A bread basket is lined with a napkin and filled with golden crescent dinner rolls from the bread machine.

Monte Cristo Sandwich Pinwheels

These sweet and savory Monte Cristo sandwich pinwheels are a fun brunch appetizer for Easter Sunday. Serve them warm with fresh fruit preserves.

Monte Cristo Sandwich Pinwheels
These sweet and savory breakfast pinwheels are inspired by the classic Monte Cristo sandwich seen on many restaurant menus. Made into easy nibbles with crescent roll dough, they are perfect for a brunch buffet.
5 from 51 votes
A plate filled with Monte Cristo crescent rolls and a little cup of strawberry jam for serving.

Grandma's Buttermilk Cornbread

Fresh homemade buttermilk cornbread is a great partner for the Easter glazed ham.

Bring along a bowl of whipped butter and honey for the potluck buffet table.

Grandma's Buttermilk Cornbread
This classic southern buttermilk cornbread recipe can be made with or without buttermilk (see the notes for the easy substitution.) Serve it warm with a drizzle of honey and butter.
5 from 37 votes
A white ruffled platter has large squares of homemade buttermilk cornbread.

Homemade Scones

Made in just one bowl in under 30 minutes, these blueberry scones are going to disapper in a flash. They're an elegant twist on a breakfast muffin and are the lightest scones you've ever had.

If you want to try a fun variation, don't miss my fresh peach scones or these almond cherry scones.

Easy Blueberry Scones
These super easy homemade blueberry scones are the perfect recipe for beginner bakers. Light and flaky, they are a perfect weekend brunch menu idea.
4.64 from 11 votes
A blue plate has a pile of homemade blueberry scones on top.

Plain Cheesecake with Fancy Toppings

Grab a store bought cheesecake from the store, we love the giant one from Costco. Then plan to bring one or two of these homemade cheesecake toppings and some fresh fruit for everyone to build their own dessert.

Easy Cheesecake Toppings for Delicious Desserts
From fresh and fruity sauces to sweet and decadent caramels and chocolate sauces, all the best ways to top a plain cheesecake are included in this list. Add some fresh fruit, chopped nuts, or mini chocolate chips to make a cheesecake bar everyone will love.

Travel-Friendly Carrot Cake

Homemade carrot cake is easier to bake than you think and it tastes a million times better than store-bought.

My easy recipe can be made in a baking pan and transported to the potluck a lot easier than a layer cake can.

Easy Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
This dainty single-layer carrot cake is perfect for feeding a small party. The delicious cream cheese frosting is the perfect finishing touch.
4.60 from 5 votes
A square slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting sits on a blue plate with a pink fork.

Easy Lemon Torte

This no bake Easter dessert is a classic potluck recipe and is often featured on church potluck menus. Everyone loves a slice of creamy lemon torte!

Light and refreshing, you'll be bringing home an empty cake dish at the end of the meal.

Light and Lemony Torte
This light no-bake lemon torte recipe is perfect for warm weather entertaining. Easily adjustable for sugar-free or traditional sugar use to accommodate your guests.
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A slice of layered lemon torte sits on a blue plate. You can see the yellow lemon layer, a white whipped topping layer, and the graham cracker crust. A twirled slice of lemon sits on top for garnish.

Carrot Cake Bread

Another fun bread machine recipe for Easter is this sweet carrot cake bread with cream cheese drizzle.

Slice it for the potluck table and let your friends and family just grab a slice to eat as a simple side.

Sweet Carrot Cake Bread
Don't wait for Easter morning to enjoy this easy carrot cake bread, your family will enjoy this sweet treat all year long. Filled with sweet fresh carrots and crushed pineapple, don't skip the cream cheese glaze for the top!
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An iced loaf of carrot cake bread sits in a white bread basket with a blue napkin.

Buttermilk Drop Biscuits

Buttermilk drop biscuits are an easy-to-grab bread roll for a potluck buffet.

They taste great warm or at room temperature, just be sure to bake them in the morning before the meal so they're nice and fresh.

Easy Buttermilk Drop Biscuits
These easy buttermilk drop biscuits can be made in just minutes and bake up so light and flaky. Try the classic butter biscuit recipe first and then switch things up with one of the 3 fun flavor variations listed in the notes below!
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A white plate has a pile of fresh baked buttermilk drop biscuits.

Cheesy Cornflake Potatoes

Funeral potatoes are another church potluck recipe that is a great potato side dish to bring for the holiday.

You can assemble the whole thing and bake it at your party OR bake it at home and keep it covered so you can add it to the buffet table right away.

Cheesy Cornflake Potatoes
This easy cheesy potato casserole has a crispy cornflake topping. Otherwise known as "funeral potatoes," it is a popular holiday side dish or church potluck recipe.
4.92 from 48 votes
The funeral potatoes recipe has been baked and a spoon has scooped out a serving from the baker.

Make Ahead Mac and Cheese

This southern classic is a staple for any holiday menu. We've adopted it in our family because it is such a kid-pleaser.

You'll be sure to know that there's at least one thing the kids will eat but just watch as the adults gobble it up, too. Who could resist those breadcrumbs on top of this delicious baked mac and cheese??

Make Ahead Mac and Cheese
This easy baked mac and cheese recipe is the perfect side dish or dinner fix. Topped with plenty of crunchy breadcrumbs and perfectly cooked pasta, it will be your go-to recipe at the holidays.
4.57 from 41 votes
A blue baking dish filled with mac and cheese with bread crumb topping. A serving spoon has removed a portion to show the creamy elbow noodles.

Wild Rice Pilaf

I like to serve this wild rice pilaf warm and fresh from the stovetop but if you want to bring it to an Easter potluck, it actually tastes great at room temperature, too.

Wild Rice Pilaf
This easy wild rice pilaf is the perfect holiday side dish for Easter or Christmas but would be right at home for a special dinner on a busy weeknight. Loaded with fresh vegetables and savory herbs, it is the perfect partner for turkey, ham, beef, or seafood.
5 from 50 votes
A white bowl is filled with wild rice pilaf, chunks of carrots and celery are peeking out.

Sweet Potato Casserole

The brown sugar and pecans topping on this sweet potato casserole pair perfectly with a savory ham. The bright orange filling is a fun pop of color for spring, too.

Make Ahead Sweet Potato Casserole
This delicious make ahead sweet potato casserole with pecans is the perfect holiday side dish. Split the recipe into two 8x8-inch pans and serve one for Thanksgiving and freeze one to be served later at Christmas.
4.35 from 64 votes
A baking dish filled with the finished sweet potato casserole with pecan topping.

Green Bean Casserole

Double check there will be an outlet available and then go ahead and bring this crispy green bean casserole for the Easter potluck.

It's a great way to help your host have a hot side dish available for guests.

Crispy Crockpot Green Bean Casserole
Classic green bean casserole is a Thanksgiving side dish essential. When you need to feed a crowd and your oven is full with other things, you can make a crispy Crockpot green bean casserole that stays hot and crunchy for your guests with these tricks.
5 from 44 votes
A serving of crispy green bean casserole is in a blue dish with a fork.

Creamy Grape Salad

Pack this creamy grape salad in a serving dish but store the brown sugar and pecans in a separate container for travel.

You can sprinkle them over the grapes just before adding the dish to the potluck table so everything stays crispy.

Chicken Salad Chick Grape Salad
This copycat of the famous Chicken Salad Chick Grape Salad recipe is the perfect dish to bring to a potluck or serve as a sweet side dish for Easter or a festive brunch. The sweet and creamy dressing is made with cream cheese and brown sugar and topped with crispy pecans for awesome crunch.
4.95 from 56 votes
A big blue bowl is filled with a creamy grape salad with cream cheese, covered in brown sugar and pecans.

Crispy Wild Rice Salad

This gorgeous wild rice salad has fresh spring greens and Easter-friendly roasted carrots.

Taking the time to assemble the easy elements will mean you're bringing a dish that wows everyone at the table. Don't forget the lemon parmesan vinaigrette.

Crispy Rice Salad
Next time you make rice for dinner, double the recipe for leftovers so you can make this delicious and simple salad for another meal.
5 from 2 votes
A serving of crispy rice salad shows green lettuce, roasted carrots, fried wild rice in a white bowl.

Piña Colada Fruit Dip

If you're going to buy a fresh fruit tray from the grocery store to cut some corners on prep work, use just a few of the extra minutes to make this creamy piña colada dip for dunking.

It will show you cared enough to make the dish you're passing just a little more special.

Piña Colada Fruit Dip
This sweet and creamy piña colada fruit dip is just perfect for dunking fresh pineapple, strawberries, or crisp ginger cookies into at your next party.
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A ruffled bowl of pina colada dip has shredded coconut on top and is surrounded by fresh strawberries, pineapple, and gingersnap cookies.

Buttermilk Herb Dressing

Homemade buttermilk herb dressing is loaded with spring flavors and would be a thoughtful dish to bring to an Easter potluck with a huge bowl of fresh and crispy garden salad served with homemade croutons, and cherry tomatoes.

You could even add chopped hard boiled eggs to keep with the Easter theme.

Buttermilk Herb Dressing
Easy buttermilk herb dressing can be seasoned with your favorite fresh or dried herbs like dill, basil, chives, or Italian herb blend. Use it for salads with chicken or pork or as a chicken marinade.
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A mason jar filled with homemade buttermilk dressing sits next to a bunch of green onions and a bowl of cherry tomatoes.

Pistachio Fluff Fruit Salad

This pretty pale green pistachio fluff is one part potluck side dish and one part no bake potluck dessert.

Add it to the buffet table and watch your delighted family scoop it right up.

Pistachio Fluff Fruit Salad
This light and creamy pistachio fluff fruit salad makes a great holiday side dish or no bake dessert. Top it with chopped pecans for color and crunch.
4.98 from 44 votes
A large serving bowl of pistachio fluff has chopped pecans sprinkled over the top and a blue napkin on the side.

Pineapple Marshmallow Salad

Not feeling the green? How about a sunny yellow and orange pineapple marshmallow salad instead?

This is such a pretty Easter no bake dessert or side dish.

Pineapple Marshmallow Salad
This sweet pineapple ambrosia salad made without mayo can be served as a no bake dessert or holiday side dish for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. Stir it together in just minutes and it is ready to serve.
4.95 from 40 votes
A serving of pineapple ambrosia has a spoon for serving.

Strawberry Jello Pretzel Dessert

Potlucks and strawberry jello pretzel dessert have gone hand in hand since the invention of potlucks!

No one will be able to resist that crispy pretzel crust topped with the cream cheese base and fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Jello Pretzel Dessert
Cool and creamy strawberry pretzel salad is the classic summer torte you've had at many church potlucks and backyard parties. Made with a salty pretzel crust and topped with a sweet layer of cream cheese and refreshing strawberry flavored Jell-O and fresh strawberries, this dessert is always a hit at a picnic.
4.67 from 6 votes
A 9x13-inch pan has finished strawberry pretzel salad for serving, a plate with a single slice and a fork is in front.

Hello Dolly Bars

Coconut and chocolate chips are a match made in Easter heaven with these classic hello dolly bars.

These potluck-friendly dessert bars travel well and are easy to slice in bite-sized portions or big generous squares depending on the crowd you're trying to feed.

Hello Dolly Bars
This easy dessert recipe is perfect for beginner bakers. Delicious Hello Dollies are filled with shredded coconut, chocolate chips, and chopped pecans on a graham cracker crust.
4.58 from 7 votes
A metal baking pan is filled with hello dolly bars topped with shredded coconut and chocolate chips.

Deviled Eggs

Is it even a potluck if there aren't any deviled eggs??

For those of us who aren't big fans of mayo, my favorite deviled eggs have a delicious twist to them.

Classic Deviled Eggs
These creamy deviled eggs can be made with or without mayo using ranch or sour cream. Easy to prep ahead to bring to a potluck party or serve at a special event.
5 from 42 votes
A platter of deviled eggs has a yellow salt and pepper shaker in the center.

Deviled Egg Salad

Easter buffets are often pretty meat-heavy with a gorgeous ham at the center of the table. For your vegetarian friends or as a fun surprise, why not just make a creamy deviled egg salad for the potluck?

You can deliver it in a pretty serving bowl and add a tray of fresh bread or croissants on the side. Bonus points if you bring crispy lettuce leaves or a bowl of fresh chives chopped and ready to sprinkle over the top.

Deviled Egg Salad
Classic egg salad combines all the best flavors from deviled eggs into a delicious sandwich spread. You could also serve a scoop over a bed of salad greens.
5 from 40 votes
An egg salad sandwich sits on a blue plate.

Roasted Peppers and Pineapple

Warm or room temperature, the bright and juicy roasted pineapple and peppers is an easy side dish that no one will expect.

It pairs perfectly with an Easter ham and rich potato side dishes.

Roasted Peppers and Pineapple
This easy pan of roasted peppers with sweet roasted pineapple makes an amazing side dish for any meal.
4.24 from 17 votes
A serving bowl of roasted pineapple and pepper chunks sits in front of a roasting pan with spatula.

Bisquick Sausage Balls

Bring a big platter of these easy make ahead bisquick sausage balls and serve them with a bowl of my honey mustard dipping sauce.

Bisquick Sausage Balls
Classic Southern sausage balls make a cozy, down home appetizer to bring to a potluck party or church gathering. Serve them with a sweet and tangy honey mustard dip for dunking.
5 from 43 votes
A white platter filled with Bisquick sausage balls made with just three ingredients

Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza

The Easter Bunny would approve of all the fresh garden veggies on top of this easy crescent roll veggie pizza. Cut it into bite-sized squares for a pretty platter.

Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza
This cold veggie pizza appetizer is a favorite party snack that is easy to make ahead the day before. Buttery crescent roll dough is spread with ranch seasoned cream cheese and topped with your favorite raw veggies.
4.96 from 41 votes
A veggie pizza has been sliced and served with a small spatula.

Seasoned Boiled Shrimp

Looking for an easy Easter appetizer for the potluck? You can make my seasoned boiled shrimp in just THREE MINUTES! I'm not even kidding. They are absolutely delicious served cold so you can chill them and bring them to the potluck super easily.

If you bring shrimp, don't forget to add just one or two of these delicious shrimp dipping sauces for an extra special touch.

Boiled Shrimp
Caraway seeds and bay leaves season the boiling water for the most delicious boiled shrimp. This method makes easy peel and eat shrimp for serving with shrimp cocktail.
5 from 43 votes
A serving dish filled with boiled shrimp with caraway seeds.

Lemon Orzo Salad

With or without the shrimp, this lemony orzo pasta salad is a perfect potluck dish to pass because it is just as tasty served room temperature or cold as it is warm.

Lemon Orzo Salad with Tomatoes & Dill
This simple Greek orzo pasta salad made with fresh tomatoes and feta is bright and zesty from the fresh squeezed lemon juice. Serve it warm or chilled with shrimp or chicken.
5 from 2 votes
A white bowl is filled with the lemon orzo pasta salad. Tomatoes and dill are sprinkled throughout.

Chicken Pasta Salad with Grapes

One of my all-time favorite potluck recipes is this bright and fresh chicken pasta salad with grapes. It is loaded with Spring vegetables and serves a big crowd.

BONUS: It tastes best the next day so it is perfect for making ahead!

Chicken Pasta Salad with Grapes
This light and refreshing chicken pasta salad with grapes is the perfect recipe to serve for a luncheon or shower. The zippy dressing, juicy grapes and crispy vegetables give the chicken salad extra crunch.
5 from 1 vote
A serving of grape and chicken pasta salad is on a plate with a fork.

Easy Quiche

Last but not least, mix and match your favorite fillings to bring a delicious homemade Easter quiche for the potluck party.

Quiche is excellent because it is delicious served at room temperature with a fresh salad on the side.

Easy Quiche
This classic quiche recipe can be mixed and matched with your favorite fillings to make a delicious egg dish for your brunch menu.
4.50 from 4 votes
A slice of spinach quiche is on a plate next to additional baby spinach.

More Easter Recipe Ideas

Looking for more easy Easter recipes for your holiday?

Whether you're baking with kids or looking for an easy dinner idea for your family, here are a few of my favorites:

A photo collage shows 4 travel-friendly Easter recipes for potlucks.

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