10 Easy Chicken Sliders

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Chicken sliders are an easy party sandwich to serve for a gathering but also make a delicious family dinner for a Friday night or weekend.

The photo collage shows 4 different kinds of chicken sliders.

When we've been in a bit of a dinner rut for a while, the fastest way to freshen things up is to serve a fun-filled dinner like teeny-tiny chicken sliders instead of grown-up sized sandwiches.

My kids love when I pull a pan of these hot chicken sliders out of the oven for a weekend treat. Why wait for a party to serve them when they are just so easy to prep and bake??

Mix and match all these delicious flavor options below and you could have a brand new weekend family tradition that lasts for months!

Best Chicken for Sliders

Chicken is such a versatile ingredient for making homemade sliders.

You can start by shredding a rotisserie chicken if you don't have time to cook the chicken yourself. I usually have a pre-shredded chicken in my freezer to grab in a pinch.

You could also use leftover cooked chicken after making my roasted chicken with vegetables, for example.

When chicken goes on sale at the grocery store, you could cook a batch of chicken breasts or chicken tenderloins and chop it up for the freezer to make sliders later.

Best Slider Buns

In every chicken slider recipe on my site, you'll notice I used a batch of Hawaiian slider buns.

I love the delicately sweet pineapple flavor of the bread and how it pairs so well with the slider fillings.

That said, the price of Hawaiian buns has gone up drastically lately and I'm always open to using whatever else may be on sale.

You could substitute any small slider bun. I've spotted small potato rolls and small dinner rolls in the bread section of my grocery store that would also work great.

Easy Chicken Slider Recipes

I love making sliders with chicken because there are so many different ways you could season it, sauce it, or pair it with cheeses.

In fact, some sliders that were originally written for other meats (like ham or pork) can easily be made with chicken instead.

Check out my favorite sliders to use up a batch of cooked chicken here:

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

These buffalo chicken sliders might be my favorite way to use up my homemade buffalo sauce.

The sweetness of the Hawaiian bun and the dash of blue cheese help to balance the heat.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders
Bake a pan of easy buffalo chicken sliders as a fun party appetizer or a delicious family dinner. Shredded chicken mixed with spicy buffalo sauce has melted cheese and a hint of ranch all tucked in a sweet Hawaiian bun.
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The baking pan of buffalo chicken sliders is sitting on the stovetop, they just came out of the oven.

Crack Chicken Sliders

Creamy crack chicken is a popular slowcooker dinner but these easy crack chicken sliders uses it with a crispy golden brown bun which helps improve the texture dramatically in my opinion.

Crack Chicken Sliders
Creamy crack chicken sliders in Hawaiian buns with melted cheddar cheese are a delicious party sandwich to serve warm from the oven. Prep the chicken filling in advance for an easy dish to bake in minutes.
5 from 38 votes
A white platter of crack chicken sliders shows the creamy chicken filling on a Hawaiian slider bun.

Pesto Chicken Sliders

I always grab a jar of the prepared pesto during my Costco runs. Add a rotisserie chicken and a pack of slider rolls and you're almost ready to bake up these easy pesto chicken sliders.

Feeling extra hungry? My hot chicken pesto sandwiches are very similar but meant to be served as a whole entree.

Pesto Chicken Sliders
Easy pesto chicken sliders get a golden brown top when baked in the oven and are such an easy make ahead party food. You may want to double the recipe because leftovers make a fun lunch surprise for the kids to take to school.
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A white platter is filled with shredded chicken sliders with a pesto sauce.

BBQ Chicken Sliders

If you love things extra saucy, you will love pairing your favorite barbecue sauce with these bbq chicken sliders.

I start with my tomato based sweet bbq sauce but I've recently discovered this amazing Alabama bbq sauce. You could season the chicken with this dry wing rub seasoning and use the Alabama white sauce for a unique take on these sliders, too.

BBQ Chicken Sliders
These easy to assemble BBQ chicken sliders have just the right amount of filling, melting cheese, and a deliciously buttery crisp topping. They will fly off the baking pan at your next party or family game night.
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A metal baking pan has 3 rows of baked bbq chicken sliders showing the melted cheese oozing out.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sliders

My kids love my chicken bacon ranch pizza so much, we used all those same flavors and tucked them into a slider bun to make these chicken bacon ranch sliders. What a hit!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sliders
Easy baked chicken bacon ranch sliders with a golden brown buttery topping and ooey gooey melted cheese filling are a delicious appetizer for a football party or family movie night snack.
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A white platter has several of the chicken bacon ranch sliders with melted cheese and golden brown tops.

Chicken Parm Sliders

To capture the true taste of baked chicken parmesan, I used frozen breaded chicken tenders to make these chicken parm sliders.

You'll need to bake the chicken first but it only took a few minutes and then my oven was pre-heated for the sliders minutes later.

Chicken Parm Sliders
Easy baked chicken parm sliders use frozen chicken tenders and slider buns to make a delicious party sandwich that tastes just like your favorite Italian restaurant entree. The recipe makes enough for 6 appetizer servings or 3 - 4 heartier portions.
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A white platter of chicken parm sliders shows the tomato sauce and melted cheese.

Cranberry Chicken Sliders

After Thanksgiving, I'll use leftover slowcooker turkey breast to make these cranberry turkey sliders.

But for the rest of the year?? It would be so easy to substitute deli chicken or a rotisserie chicken to make a chicken version of this recipe.

Cranberry Chicken Sliders
The original recipe calls for leftover turkey but you could use sliced deli chicken, leftover roasted chicken, or a shredded rotisserie chicken to make these yummy cranberry sliders.
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A platter of cranberry turkey sliders show the melted cheese and poppy seeds on top.

Cheesy Chicken Sliders

These ham and cheese sliders were the first slider recipe I ever shared on this site and they are still one of my reader's favorites.

If your family loves a simple, classic slider recipe, you could substitute any flavor of deli chicken for the ham. Boars Head makes a delicious buffalo chicken, a chicken pastrami, and even just a basic seasoned roast chicken, all which would be absolutely delicious in this recipe.

Cheesy Chicken Sliders
The original recipe calls for deli ham meat but you could easily substitute your favorite sliced deli chicken meat in this recipe. The sauce on top has a hint of mustard so a spicy deli chicken would be delicious.
4.93 from 38 votes
A filled baking pan of mini ham sliders with butter dripping off the top and a sprinkle of poppyseeds on each one.

Cuban Chicken Sliders

When I have leftover pork tenderloin and some deli ham in the fridge, I love to bake these delicious Cuban sliders.

But not everyone enjoys pork. That doesn't mean you should miss out! You could make zesty Cuban chicken sliders by substituting chicken and layering in the pickles and mustard.

Cuban Sliders
The original recipe calls for leftover pork and deli ham but you could give deli chicken or a rotisserie chicken a Cuban flair with the pickles and mustard in these delicious sliders.
5 from 47 votes
A white platter of mini slider sandwiches.

What to Serve with Sliders

Chicken sliders make an excellent finger sandwich for a party paired with all kinds of fun buffet dishes.

If you're looking to make the sliders the star of the show, you could plan to serve it as the meaty entree and then add lots of salads and dips on the side.

My southern macaroni salad has lots of crunch from the fresh veggies stirred in but something like my carrot apple salad could be used as a relish on the side or even tucked inside the hot sliders for a cold crunch.

A big platter of raw veggies with a homemade dill dip for dunking would pair well with a bag or two of potato chips, too.

For a sweet and juicy side dish, my creamy grape salad just like the Chicken Salad Chick recipe works as a simple dessert, too.

Make Ahead Tips

Hot baked sliders always taste their best coming out of the oven fresh and crispy.

That said, you can save time with prepping most of these chicken slider recipes by having the chicken cooked and ready to use or by stirring together the slider filling and storing it in the fridge.

All the recipes I've included will have specific prep-ahead tips to help save you time.

More Easy Party Recipes

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The photo collage shows 4 different chicken slider recipes.

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