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5 Best Spices for Salmon

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The best spices for salmon help accent the naturally sweet flavor of this delicious fish. All you need is a quick sprinkle and a few minutes in the oven for a fast and easy family dinner.

The bottle of salmon seasoning sits next to a baking pan of salmon.

Salmon is one of my very favorite seafood dinners to cook for my family because it is so easy to tweak the flavors and pair with different sides for unique menus every time.

When choosing the best seasoning to pair with salmon, it is smart to start with considering your menu as a whole first.

There are excellent options for seasoning salmon in the direction of sweet, spicy, tangy, or glazed.

Each seasoning treatment pairs well with certain sides that will keep your weekly salmon dinners fresh and interesting.

Below I'm sharing my 5 favorite salmon seasoning options along with the best side dishes to pair with each one.

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Salmon Seasoning

Our top favorite salmon seasoning blend that we have used for years and years is Chef Prudhomme's Magic Salmon Seasoning.

Using this seasoning blend was the first time I ever enjoyed salmon. We loved it so much we always have a container in the pantry.

It is my go-to spice whenever I'm making my oven baked salmon for dinner.

Pair this with practically any side dish but my favorites would be my herb butter rice and parmesan roasted asparagus or air fryer green beans.

I've found Chef Prudhomme's in every state we've lived in from New England, to the midwest, to the south.

If you can't find it at your local grocery store, you can order it on Amazon right here or you can make my DIY copycat recipe by using the salmon recipe in my cookbook: The Totally Awesome Ultimate Kids' Cookbook.

Why You'll Love It:

  • It has just a bit of sugar in the mix that helps to caramelize the top of the fish with the butter.
  • It has just a smattering of mustard seeds in the mix that give a delicious crunch. (Even my kid that doesn't like mustard still likes it, so don't worry there.)
  • It's savory but not spicy at all. Just a tiny hint of sweetness with the seasonings. It truly is "magic."
Oven Baked Salmon
This simple oven baked salmon is perfect for beginner cooks or for a busy weeknight. Just 3 ingredients and 15 minutes to a delicious and healthy dinner.
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A platter of oven baked salmon next to roasted asparagus has a fork showing the flaky pink fish.

Blackening Seasoning for Salmon

If you're planning to turn your salmon into a salmon sandwich on a brioche bun with remoulade sauce or tartar sauce or you want to pair it with a classic southern side like my baked red rice with bacon, I definitely think a spicier seasoning is called for.

My homemade blackening seasoning has Cajun-inspired flavors but isn't super hot. If you love bold flavor with spicy undertones, this is definitely the spice blend for you.

Homemade Blackening Seasoning
Get ready for a mouthwatering meal thanks to this incredible spice blend. Taking cues from the rich and zesty Cajun cuisine, this seasoning rub is the ultimate game-changer for your grilled fish, chicken, steak, or pork. It's got just the right balance of sweetness and a spicy kick to make every bite better than the last.
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A jar of homemade blackening seasoning lays on the counter next to a baking pan with chicken.

Caribbean Jerk Seasoning Salmon

If you want to highlight the salmon's natural sweetness but add a bit of a spicy kick, my Caribbean jerk seasoning is an excellent choice.

This warm spice blend would be a perfect pick if you plan to serve your salmon with my roasted peppers and pineapple or my warm couscous salad with oranges.

Season the salmon with Caribbean jerk seasoning and then serve it in a tortilla topped with my pineapple salsa for fish tacos!

Caribbean Jerk Seasoning
This easy Caribbean Jerk seasoning blend is perfect for sprinkling over chicken, fish, shrimp, or pork for a warm spiced dinner that isn't too spicy.
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Homemade jerk seasoning blend is in a small glass seasoning bowl sitting on top of a plastic storage baggy labelled "Jerk Seasoning"

Brown Sugar and Mustard Salmon

For a sweet and tangy glaze, you can't go wrong with a brown sugar and mustard glazed salmon.

This is a great way to go if you plan to serve the fish with a dark green spinach salad like my citrus salad with pistachios or you want to use it to top my crispy wild rice salad.

Broiled Mustard Glazed Salmon
Brush the mustard glaze over the salmon and broil it for a fast and easy fish dinner for your family even on a busy weeknight.
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The salmon filet is coated in a brown sugar and mustard glaze and served on a white plate next to a bed of baby spinach.

Black Pepper Ramen Teriyaki Salmon

Season your salmon with a generous sprinkle of my favorite black garlic ramen pepper from The Spice House. It has fresh ground peppercorns, toasted onion, and a hint of garlic in the blend.

Then bake the salmon or pop it in the air fryer. Before serving, baste it with my thick teriyaki sauce.

If you want the salmon extra sticky, you could baste it with the teriyaki and then put it under the broiler for a few moments to caramelize.

Serve it over a scoop of my tender jasmine rice with some roasted broccoli on the side.

Or make a batch of my chicken fried rice but skip the chicken and use it as a side with the teriyaki salmon.

Use it instead of the ground pork for my easy egg roll in a bowl or serve it in place of the Thai chicken on this Thai chicken salad.

Thick Teriyaki Sauce
This easy homemade teriyaki sauce is thick and savory. It works perfectly for brushing over grilled chicken or stirring into a healthy stir fry.
4.50 from 4 votes
A pot of warm homemade teriyaki sauce is on the stove top.

More Seafood Recipes for Families

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The photo collage shows the salmon being cooked in 4 different ways.

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