50 Best Bread Maker Recipes

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The best bread maker recipes to bake whether it is your first time using your bread maker or you're already an experienced home baker. These easy and delicious bread recipes are perfect for busy families.

A photo collage shows the variety of recipes that can be made in a bread maker.

It's baking season! Are you ready to fire up your bread maker?

Maybe you just treated yourself to a new bread machine and want to try it out.

Maybe you're giving the dusty one on your shelf one last shot before you donate it.

Whether your a new baker or an experienced home bread baker, I want to inspire you to try some new things with your bread machine that maybe didn't know was possible!

These are our family's very favorite bread machine recipes. We put it to use every week, all during the fall and winter months, and often during the summertime, too!

Got any questions? Drop me a note in the comments and I'll be happy to help!

Best Bread Maker Breads for Beginners

The finished challah loaf is cooling in the bread machine pan.

Start with these delicious bread machine recipes if you're just learning how to use your machine.

Savory Bread Maker Recipes

If you're looking to make a sandwich, dunk bread into soup, or pair it with a lunch or dinner, start with these delicious savory bread machine recipes:

Bread Machine Italian Bread

Got a new bread maker? This is the first recipe you should try making with your bread machine.

Classic Italian bread is the white bread recipe everyone needs in their rotation.

Use it for stuffing, croutons, sandwiches, dunking in soups, and serving for any breakfast or dinner.

Bread Machine Italian Bread
This delicious Italian bread is the perfect partner for a hot bowl of soup or a simple sandwich. It will quickly become your favorite bread machine recipe.
The recipe is featured in The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook.
4.70 from 30 votes
A loaf of bread machine Italian bread sits in a basket next to a few sample wedges near a plate of olive oil for dipping.

Bread Machine French Bread

If you are looking for a white bread with an amazingly crispy crust, you can't go wrong with this bread machine French bread.

While not quite as tender as my Italian bread, this recipe is the absolute perfect choice for making a homemade bread pudding, homemade croutons, and more!

Bread Machine French Bread
Make a loaf of French bread in a bread machine with just minutes of hands-on time. While not a traditional French baguette shape, a bread maker French bread is perfect for slicing for sandwiches or making homemade stuffing, croutons, or bread pudding.
5 from 1 vote
A sliced white bread is on a white platter next to a blue and white striped towel.

Bread Machine Steakhouse Brown Bread

This dark brown bread recipe has just a touch of sweetness and is perfect for pairing with whipped honey butter at your dinner table, just like at your favorite steakhouse restaurant!

Fluffy slices are perfect for dunking in hearty stews all season long.

Steakhouse Brown Bread
Deep brown and utterly delicious with whipped honey butter, this loaf is so good it's no wonder why your local steak joint serves it up before dinner. No need to be fussy; serve it on a wooden cutting board with a bread knife and let everyone at the table cut chunks of bread to share. This recipe is featured in The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook by Tiffany Dahle.
4.53 from 21 votes
The steakhouse brown bread sits in a dish covered by a napkin with a knife on the side.

Bread Machine Garlic Parmesan Sourdough

The perfect first sourdough recipe to bake in your bread machine, this fun garlic parmesan sourdough bread tastes great with your spaghetti dinner or tomato soup.

Slice it for a yummy tomato sandwich in the summer.

Garlic Parmesan Sourdough
This savory sourdough bread recipe is made right in a bread machine. All the sourdough taste with none of the worry about rising! The garlic parmesan flavor pairs perfectly with any zesty tomato-based dinner.
5 from 1 vote
A loaf of sourdough bread from the bread machine has been sliced to show the texture of the bread.

Bread Maker Everything Bagel Bread

Warm, seasoned pull-apart bread or cooled sliced bread loaf, you decide!

Grab that jar of Everything But the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe's or mix your own blend easily for this buttery bread.

Everything Bagel Bread
This easy, savory bubble bread has layers of melted butter and everything bagel seasoning sprinkled throughout. It bakes into a solid, sliceable loaf for serving once completely cooled or can be served warm as a pull-apart bread. Featured in The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook by Tiffany Dahle.
4.75 from 4 votes
The finished everything bagel bread sits in the bread machine bread pan on a wire rack.

Sweet Bread Maker Recipes

If you want to serve a sweet bread with breakfast or brunch or as a simple treat at any time of day, don't miss the easy bread machine recipes on the sweet side:

Bread Machine Banana Bread

Yes! You can make banana bread in a bread machine!

This yeasted banana bread with pecans is a delicious sweet loaf to try in a bread maker.

Easily slice it for delicious toast and slater with cream cheese, peanut butter, or Nutella for a special treat.

The Best Bread Machine Banana Bread
Warm and comforting, the heavenly aroma of cinnamon-spiced bananas baking soothes the soul. This yeasted version is easy to slice and is dotted with savory pecans for a bit of crunch. You'll find the loaf to be lighter and fluffier than your regular quick bread.
4.83 from 70 votes
Banana bread wrapped in a tea towel sits next to fresh bananas and a bowl of cream cheese. A basket of eggs in the back.

Apple Bread for Bread Machines

This sliceable apple bread is perfect for making a fall sandwich, breakfast toast, or cutting into fingers for dunking into a cozy fall soup.

Apple Bread for Bread Machines
This easy apple bread is made from fresh apple cider and applesauce right in a bread maker for a fun fall bread. Slice a loaf to serve with a cozy soup or make amazing peanut butter toast.
5 from 45 votes
A loaf of apple bread sits on a cutting board by a bread knife.

Bread Machine Challah Loaf

Whether you're baking for a special treat for Hanukkah or you want to make the world's very best fluffy french toast, having a great challah loaf recipe at your fingertips is an essential bread recipe for home bakers.

Bread Machine Challah Bread
This challah bread loaf is the easiest homemade bread to enjoy for Hanukkah. The dough could be braided and then baked in the oven if you prefer, but the simple bread machine loaf is wonderful as well. This traditional Jewish egg bread makes absolutely amazing French toast and bread puddings as well.
4.65 from 48 votes
A fresh baked challah loaf is in the bread machine pan cooling on a wire rack.

Bread Machine Carrot Cake Bread

This sweet festive bread is perfect for any holiday brunch all year long.

Crushed pineapple and freshly shredded carrot with a delicate cream cheese drizzle make this carrot cake bread recipe the star of your buffet.

Sweet Carrot Cake Bread
Don't wait for Easter morning to enjoy this easy carrot cake bread, your family will enjoy this sweet treat all year long. Filled with sweet fresh carrots and crushed pineapple, don't skip the cream cheese glaze for the top!
5 from 1 vote
An iced loaf of carrot cake bread sits in a white bread basket with a blue napkin.

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

Prep the sweet dough for this cinnamon pull apart bread in your bread maker.

Then it is super quick and easy to roll out, coat in cinnamon sugar mix, and bake in the oven. The bread machine turns out perfect dough every time.

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Make the sweet dough for this cinnamon pull apart bread in your bread machine in just a minute of prep. Then roll it out and bake in your oven for a crispy cinnamon bread that is super fun to serve warm at the table. Each slice is coated with a simple cinnamon sugar mix that cooks into a delicious caramel at the base of the bread.
5 from 48 votes
A baking pan filled with the finished cinnamon pull apart bread sits on a cooling rack.

Bread Machine Rolls

A bread basket filled with golden brown horn-shaped dinner rolls made in a bread machine.

Use the Dough program on your bread maker to bake easy dinner rolls or breakfast rolls in the oven.

Bread Machine Crescent Dinner Rolls

This easy dinner roll recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or any special family gathering.

You could even use this from-scratch crescent dough in place of the refrigerated crescent dough in any recipe.

Bread Machine Crescent Dinner Rolls
Easy homemade bread machine crescent rolls are perfect for a delicious holiday bread. Serve them at Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas warm from the oven. Can be made ahead and frozen for an even easier serving.
5 from 57 votes
A bread basket is lined with a napkin and filled with golden crescent dinner rolls from the bread machine.

Bread Maker Whole Wheat Buns

Roll them larger and they're hamburger buns, roll them smaller and they're delicious whole wheat dinner rolls. You decide!

That's the beauty of baking homemade bread with your bread machine.

Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns
Use your bread machine to make a batch of easy whole wheat hamburger buns. The deep flavor and texture of these whole wheat buns are so much better than anything from the grocery store.
4.72 from 7 votes
A baking pan has a line up of baked whole wheat hamburger buns cooling.

Bread Machine Orange Rolls

If you love homemade cinnamon rolls, you'll seriously love these subtly sweet orange rolls with orange icing.

Prepare the easy dough in the bread machine and then bake them in the oven for the perfect texture.

Bread Machine Orange Rolls
This bread machine orange rolls recipe is so easy because you prepare the fool proof dough in your bread maker, roll the dough out and bake it in your oven for perfect golden brown breakfast rolls. The filling is not too sweet and has a fresh burst of orange flavor all throughout the orange flavored dough and orange icing.
5 from 1 vote
A baking pan filled with finished orange rolls sits on a blue towel.

Bread Machine Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls

These red velvet cinnamon rolls are a fun variation on a classic cinnamon roll and would be perfect for making ahead for a Christmas breakfast.

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls
Make the dough for these red velvet cinnamon rolls in a bread machine and bake them in the oven for a special breakfast on Valentine's Day or Christmas. That gorgeous red velvet dough is a festive addition to the holiday brunch, especially if you add some themed sprinkles over the cream cheese icing.
5 from 1 vote
A red velvet cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting is on a white plate with a fork.

Fun Bread Machine Recipes

The dinner roll dough has risen in the bread machine.

I think it is so much fun to use the bread machine's Dough program to make delicious and easy artisan breads like homemade pizzas and focaccia right in your oven with easy prep!

Bread Maker Pizza Dough

Another fun bread machine dough recipe, this homemade pizza dough is perfect for making a wide variety of pizzas or easy cheesey breadsticks.

One recipe makes two family-sized pizza crusts or 4 - 6 generous personal-sized pizzas.

Bread Machine Pizza Dough
Homemade pizzas made with this bread machine pizza dough will beat your delivery pizza by miles. Pat half of the dough into a 12-inch pizza that has a crispy bite topped with your favorite toppings.
5 from 54 votes
Pizza dough from the bread machine has been rolled out into a circle and is ready for toppings.

Bread Machine Focaccia

Want an easy recipe for learning how to use the Dough program on your bread machine?

This fun Italian recipe for focaccia is perfect for beginner bakers who are intimidated to form dinner rolls.

Simply pat the dough out onto a baking sheet and slather it with olive oil. Cut into squares and dip into a hearty tomato sauce on spaghetti night.

Fluffy Focaccia
If making dough in your bread machine and baking it in the oven worries you, this is the perfect recipe to start with because you simply pat the focaccia dough out into a pan and bake it -- no roll forming required! This recipe is featured in The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook.
4.94 from 32 votes
A focaccia bread on parchment paper with several squares cut and scattered.

Bread Machine Ciabatta Bread

Bake a loaf of ciabatta in your oven after you use the bread machine to make the easy dough.

This hearty bread makes absolutely amazing grilled sandwiches!

Easy Ciabatta {Bread Machine}
Bake fresh ciabatta bread with your bread machine. This hearty Italian bread is great for making grilled sandwiches or dunking in your favorite pasta sauces.
4.80 from 5 votes
A sliced loaf of fresh ciabatta bread has been prepared in the bread machine and baked in the oven.

Holiday Breads in the Bread Machine

A finished loaf of Bavarian Christmas bread from the bread machine. The loaf has a drizzle of white glaze in a criss cross pattern over the top and a red and white striped towel sits next to it.

These festive breads are filled with seasonal flavors. Bake one as a special treat for your next holiday brunch.

Rum Raisin Bread

Step aside boring cinnamon raisin bread, this grown-up spin has a hint of rum for a fun and festive loaf during the holidays.

Slice it for toast or cube it for an easy bread pudding with flair.

Bread Machine Raisin Bread
This epic rum raisin bread is the perfect variation of classic bread machine raisin bread with a hint of rum in every bite. All the flavor of a classic rum raisin bread pudding in a sliceable loaf.
5 from 2 votes
A warm loaf of rum raisin bread is sliced to serve.

German Christmas Bread

Studded with dried fruits and nuts, this German Christmas bread is an easy Christmas brunch treat to serve to your family and friends.

Pour the egg nog, crank up the holiday tunes, and channel the best flavors of Christmas.

German Christmas Bread
This festive holiday bread is similar to the sweets sold in the Christmas markets of southern Germany. Studded with dried fruit and hazelnuts, this easy bread machine recipe tastes great with coffee or mulled wine.
4.99 from 51 votes
A finished loaf of Bavarian Christmas bread from the bread machine. The loaf has a drizzle of white glaze in a criss cross pattern over the top and a red and white striped towel sits next to it.

BEST Bread Machine Cookbook

If you need a handy kitchen companion with 50 of the best bread machine recipes you'll ever want to bake for your family, be sure to get a copy of The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook.

This is the best bread machine cookbook on the market because:

  1. A Photo for EVERY Recipe: Most bread maker cookbooks don't have photos for the recipes. This book has gorgeous full-page photos for every single recipe and helpful step by step photos for tricky assembly of rolled doughs.
  2. Helpful Tips for Beginners: Whether this is your first loaf or your 1,000th, you'll have all the tips you need to get perfect breads every time.
  3. Practical Recipes: The delicious bread recipes included in this book will pair perfectly with any breakfast, lunch, or dinner you are planning. Everyday recipes PLUS delicious holiday flavors, too.


  1. I just made the Speedy Sourdough Loaf from your cookbook in my Cusinart Compact bread machine. The recipe calls for 3 Tbsp water but when the dough cycle was done it was just a crumbly flour mixture. I think it needed more liquid. I put back in machine and added more water but guessed at the amount. Is this an error in the recipe or something I did not have correct.? I believe my starter is good. I love your book and ideas.

    1. Hi Joy, I'm sorry to hear you had trouble with the recipe. If you check out the troubleshooting section in the book, I do mention that sometimes you need to add a tablespoon more of water (or milk or other liquid the recipe calls for) if the dough looks too dry. Depending on how you measured the flour, the consistency of your sourdough starter, and the humidity of your environment, there can be differences in the texture of the flour to liquid ratio. It's always a good idea to keep an eye on it until the machine is finished with that first mixing. I hope that helps!

    1. Hi Patsy,
      Yes, you are correct. You'll use all the liquid from the can of pineapple, do not drain it.

  2. I love Tiffany’s Bread Machine Cookbook. I have made most of the recipes. They turn out wonderfully every time. I especially love the Steakhouse, Fluffy Frocaccia, Rye, and Buttery Dinner Rolls. I keep recommending the book to the bread machine Facebook group. Currently I am looking for a recipe to make baguettes. Anyone have a great recipe? I just bought a baguette baking pan.

    1. Oh, thank you SO much, Chris. This comment just makes my day! I haven't tried baguettes yet but I am working on a French bread recipe for the bread machine. I'll add the baguettes to my list.

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