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Family Dinner Tips

Making time for a nightly family dinner doesn't have to be complicated or stressful.

Your family will benefit from this essential habit even if you spend just 10 minutes together. I truly believe that family dinner will save our world.

It's not about the food you serve, it's about the time to connect each day.

In fact, double check this list of the 5 common family dinner mistakes and you may find some of them feel a little familiar.

An easy family dinner tradition starts in just 3 easy steps:

  1. A Solid Meal Planning Strategy: Don't stress every night, make a plan. Mine takes 5 minutes or less each week!
  2. A Go-To List of Easy Family Dinner Recipes: One of my all-time most popular posts on the site, a great place to find easy recipes for even your busiest nights.
  3. A Yo-Yo Night Back-Up Plan: Because we're all human and even with the best of intentions there is going to come a night your kids need to fend for themselves!