Sea salt and vanilla caramel sauce

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I love chocolate, I really do. I know that’s an odd way to start a post about caramel sauce, but I have good reason. For a several year run, Handyman Tim’s favorite desserts were chocalatey chocolate fudge covered richness: tuxedo cake, brownies with chocolate frosting, chocolate fudge birthday cake, and on and on. If it was on the menu, that’s what he ordered. With. Out. Fail.

Even a hardcore chocolate lover like myself would yearn for a little break after that much fudge. So I turned to caramel and vanilla inspired treats out of sheer rebellion. Now I’m the one with the obsession and if caramel is on the menu, it’s what’s for dessert.

I’ve been seeing more and more bloggers posting about homemade caramel sauce: for desserts, for coffees, for drinking by the gallon. I’ve mostly resisted them all until I came across Baked Bree’s Sea Salt and Vanilla Caramel Sauce. My first thought was, “Just like the Starbuck’s Salted Caramel Mocha!”

I HAD to try it. Handyman Tim’s bread pudding was merely an excuse.

I was scared to death of the similarity to candy making. I was worried my caramel would stiffen and turn to a hot chunky mess. When I poured in the cream & salt & vanilla mixture, I was convinced it was all going to bubble over and destroy my stove top. In the end, nothing bad happened! I was just left with a hot pot full of liquid gold. It was insanely easy. My fridge will absolutely never be without this stuff again.

I might be guilty of eating it by the spoonfull. This container is not going to last long.

In all seriousness, I do feel better about serving this caramel sauce to the girls. Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on store-bought caramel sauce? Horrifying.

This stuff makes awesome apple dip. My girls may not fully appreciate the salted vanilla aspect to it, but I do. It is a caramel lover’s dream come true.

Edited 9/10/15: I’ve updated my site with step by step photo instructions for the caramel here.




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  1. says

    These delicious posts are going to screw me soon. I envision myself locked in a room surrounded with sweets. Somebody better keep an eye on me!

  2. Renee says

    OMG. I just got groceries yesterday, but I’m going to have to hit the store again today for some heavy cream. And make this as soon as I get home!
    Question– Bree’s recipe says she accidentally used 2 C cream instead of the 1 1/4 cups called for. Which did you do?

  3. says

    Oh yes! I forgot she had that in the recipe. I went with the 1 1/4 cups since she said the 2 was an accident. I think mine ended up being a tad thicker than you see in her photos (which I’d prefer anyways.) If you want it thinner, you could always experiment with her 2 cups.
    And, for the record, totally worth running to the store separately for the cream today! You won’t regret it!

  4. Valerie kelly says

    Hi. For some reason, I can’t find the caramel sauce recipe on your blog. Will you let me know where I can find it. I want to try making it. Thx!!

  5. Lora says

    I’m looking and can’t find the link to the actual recipe for the sea salt and vanilla caramel sauce recipe. Could you please clarify? Thanks so much!

  6. Branon says

    Oh no!! The link quit working! :( This is one of my favorite sauces of all time! I always just pulled up the site to get the recipe… And now it’s gone. :( Any help getting the recipe?


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