10 Family-Friendly Movies Set in Paris

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Pick one of these movies set in Paris for a fun family movie night. This would make a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day with the kids.

A photo collage shows the movie posters for 4 movies set in Paris that are ok for kids.

I love planning a themed movie night for our family as a fun way to celebrate a simple holiday.

When you're celebrating Valentine's Day with the kids, a truly romantic movie is usually not a popular choice.

However, you could embrace the City of Love and plan an entire dinner and movie night around Paris.

First, pick one of these fun, family-friendly movies set in Paris. You could also pick up a few picture books about Paris from the library if you want to be over the top.

I've got options perfect for any age kid you have in your family from little ones all the way up through your teens.

Then, plan a simple festive French dinner and/or fancy French dessert for your movie party! Oooh la la!

French Recipes for an Easy Dinner

Plan a simple bowl of French onion soup, you can even make the soup ahead of time and freeze it for a fast dinner before the movie.

Or, plan my easy Monte Cristo sandwich pinwheels for a snacky you can eat in the living room.

Surprise your family with a breakfast-for-dinner night with my fluffy french toast with pretty red strawberries and whipped cream or an easy quiche with a light salad.

French Desserts for Movie Night

Then, since it is a holiday, spoil your family with a fancy homemade French dessert. Each of these recipes can be prepped ahead and then assembled last minute for quick serving and are absolutely delicious.

10 Movies Set in Paris for Family Movie Night

Plan a fun family movie night with one of these fun movies set in Paris. These would be great for a Valentine's Day movie party with the kids. Perfect options for little ones up through teens.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

I watched this adorable movie with my girls (ages 12 & 15) and we all loved it. Fantastic story about fashion and chasing your dreams. Highly recommend!
An ordinary woman's (Lesley Manville) dream of owning a Christian Dior gown leads her on a Parisian adventure where her unwavering spirit charms the elite people she meets.


We rewatched this movie for the first time in ages before our latest Disney trip and the entire family fell in love with little Remy all over again. This is a great movie for all ages.
In one of Paris' finest restaurants, Remy, a determined rat, dreams of becoming a renowned French chef. Torn between his family and his true calling, Remy and his pal Linguini set in motion a hilarious chain of events.
The movie poster for Ratatouille

Julie & Julia

This is one of my all-time favorite movies, I just adore Meryl Streep as Julia Child. Both of my kids enjoyed this movie night, better for tweens on up.
Julie, a frustrated writer/blogger, takes on a project - making every recipe in chef Julia Child's first French cookbook. The true stories of Julie's struggles and Julia's battles are told in this sharp comedy.

The Devil Wears Prada

While only part of the movie happens in Paris, the dream of the trip is a predominant plot point throughout the movie. This is SUCH a great pick for tweens or teens interested in fashion.
A young woman gets more than she bargained for when she moves to New York to become a writer and ends up as the assistant to the tyrannical editor-in-chief of a major fashion magazine.
The movie poster for The Devil Wears Prada


I loved the original Audrey Hepburn classic but this more modern update will still feel like a classic to your kids. Sabrina spends time in Paris during the movie.
Harrison Ford plays Linus Larrabee, a busy tycoon who has no room for love in his appointment book. When a romance between his playboy brother and Sabrina, daughter of the family chauffeur, threatens one of Linus' business deals, he his schedule.

An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success

My girls LOVED this movie when they were thick in the American Girl phase of childhood. Perky and cute, this one involves a baking competition plot line. Plan to bake our fun kids' macaron cookies.
Grace has a passion for baking, but her skills are put to the test when she visits her uncle's Parisian pastry shop and competes to save her grandparents' troubled bakery.

Funny Face

Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn, how much more do I have to say?? This is an excellent classic Hollywood movie to watch with the kids.
Paris, the City of Light, shines even brighter when Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire team up for the only time and bring their luminous starpower to this exquisite musical featuring songs by George and Ira Gershwin.


Another great kids' movie set in Paris that starts in Russia. A little darker than other movies on the list, it is still a huge hit with my kids.
A princess struggles to reclaim her royal throne--with the help of two unlikely heroes. But will the evil Rasputin stand in the way of her destiny? Featuring the voices of Meg Ryan, John Cusack, and Kirsten Dunst.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

While the movie itself takes place in a quaint French town outside of Paris, there were a few filming locations in Paris itself so I'm including this excellent family-friendly movie.
Helen Mirren stars in this tasty dish about a fancy French restaurant waging all-out war against a new Indian eatery opening nearby.

Moulin Rouge!

Probably another good pick for your tweens on up, this dazzling musical staring Nicole Kidman is sure to be a hit with your music lovers.
A young wannabe Bohemian poet living in 1899 Paris joins the legendary night club Moulin Rouge and falls for a beautiful courtesan. Directed by Baz Luhrmann ('Elvis,' 'The Great Gatsby'). Winner of two Oscars.

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