What I'm Buying for Christmas 2023

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When you're the primary Christmas gift shopper in the family, it can feel exhausting trying to come up with ideas for every single person on your list.

This year, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things I'm buying for my own family to help make your shopping list making experience a little bit easier.

Below I've got gift ideas for teens, husbands, and grandparents who have everything. I've included both my new ideas for this year along with some tried and true favorites I gave last year.

I've also included some of the things I like to stock up on as the holiday hostess for my family. I hope this helps!

P.S. Don't forget to check out this list of gift ideas for moms so that YOU aren't sitting empty handed on Christmas morning. Just copy and paste that link and send it over to your family.

Party Supplies for Hosting Christmas

Hosting the holiday is about so much more than just the food you put on the table. I always stock up on some fresh party games to keep my family engaged throughout our long visit together.

I also add a few fresh touches to my holiday table setting to keep things interesting from year to year.

Wavelength Party Game

This fun big group party game is easy to learn and encourages hysterical conversations between teams.

It can be played with just 2 people but is way more fun if you team up with more. Even young kids who can't read yet will be able to play when paired with family members on a team.

Buy Wavelength Here

It's in the Bag Party Game

Santa brought this to my youngest daughter last Christmas and we had such a fun time playing it as a family.

Another easy to learn party game for big groups that even the little ones can enjoy playing.

Buy It's In the Bag Here

This stocking stuffer sized party game is a spin off of the popular Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game.

I'm not allowed to play because when I do, I laugh so hard I nearly wet myself.

Buy the Card Game Here

Fresh Candle Tapers

The fastest way to set the twinkly holiday mood is a table filled with fresh candles.

This set is a "Pistachio" color that is a very pale blue-green that coordinates perfectly with my blue dining room. It's a festive color but works well into spring.

I already have candle stick holders, but if you want to add a few budget-friendly ones to your table settings, this vintage candle holder set would look lovely.

Buy the Tapers Here

Holiday Placemats

As a food blogger, I've learned that solid red table linens do not flatter most foods. This is a challenge for me at the holidays.

I much prefer an ivory-based linen with festive holiday designs sprinkled on the top vs. a traditional solid red plaid.

Buy the Placemats Here

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

The #1 most requested item on my teen girls' Christmas wish list is: Hoodies, Hoodies, Hoodies. My girls just love to be comfy and cozy.

One teen wants a new sketchbook, the other needs gear for participating in her school mountain biking team. Neither one is interested in make up sets or hair styling tools for gifts.

I often give experience gifts for Christmas, like tickets to see a musical or other theatrical performance coming to town.

But they still want something fun to open on Christmas morning, so these simple gifts fill out their lists.

Magnetic iPhone Wallet

Other than the cross body Lululemon Everywhere Bag I have never seen my teen daughter's friends carry a purse.

Active teens today want everything to be easy to carry right with their phone.

This magnetic wallet attaches to the back of an iPhone and keeps a driver's license plus 2 - 3 more cards in one easy to grab spot.

Buy the Wallet Here

Mobile Photo Printer

Both of my girls had memorable school trips this year. Their phones are loaded with photos that would be fun to enjoy printed and on display.

This tiny photo printer is fun for printing off phone picks. Pair it with this LED twinkle light set with photo clips for hanging in their room.

Buy the Photo Printer Here

Holiday Puzzles

Christmas break is such a relief for my older teen who is coming home fresh from her first semester exams. She is thrilled to finally have some downtime after all that studying.

Her favorite thing to do on winter break is to finish a huge puzzle.

She'll get a fun new puzzle to do and this handy puzzle roll lets her store it under her bed when she's not working on it.

Buy the Puzzle Roll Keeper Here

Popcorn Seasonings

This air popcorn popper was the biggest hit from St. Nick gifts last year.

Both my teen girls love to make popcorn by themselves to enjoy with a movie or for a homework snack.

This fun set of popcorn seasonings can be sprinkled on after you add a little melted butter to the popcorn bowl. The flavors are just fun enough without being too weird.

Buy the Popcorn Seasoning Set Here

Microwavable Warmie Pets

I was surprised when my younger teen swooned over this microwavable lavender scented plushie.

Growing up is hard, sometimes you just need something soft and cuddly.

Bonus, it works like a gentle heating pad when your teen is feeling a little crampy.

Warmies come in several different animal styles for you to choose from.

Buy the Plushie Here

Books for Teens

It's getting harder for my girls to find time to read for pleasure as the pressures of school ramp up.

But Christmas break is a great time to unwind and read for fun again.

I always try to give them something very light and easy to enjoy with their time.

Get the Book List Here

Gift Ideas for Husbands

My dad always warned me to never buy husbands clothing as presents. His advice was that no matter how old he gets, a man always wants a toy for Christmas.

So while my husband is surely going to get a few new shirts, sweaters, and such, I'm always careful to pick out something that still counts as a "toy" that will make him happy.

Yeti Rambler

My husband has been trying to drink more water this year and the Yeti insulated bottle is manly enough and professional looking enough for him to bring into his office on work days.

The ice stays cold all day and the spout is comfortable to drink from despite the large size of the bottle.

Buy the Yeti Rambler Here

Extra Large Cupholder Adapter

The Yeti Rambler (or a large Stanley cup if that's his thing) won't fit in normal car cup holders.

To take your drink on the go and store it easily in the car, you'll need an extra large cup holder expander like this one.

Buy the Cup Holder Expander Here

High Tech Meat Thermometer

How do you make cooking more fun for a guy? Give them a digital toy to use to test the doneness of the food.

My engineer husband loves this digital probe thermometer for grilling. He cannot cook without it.

Buy the Meat Thermometer Here

Wireless Device Charger

For the guy who has a bunch of devices with wires cluttering up his night stand, this wireless charging station has room for his phone, watch, and headphones with just one cord to plug it in.

Buy the Charging Station Here

Fun Books for Men

I always think a new book is an easy way to give a thoughtful gift to someone you love.

It shows you know what they are interested in and gives them the surprise of enjoying something someone picked out for them.

This book of fun books for men was collected from recommendations from the members of the Peanut Blossom Book Club and suggestions from my own husband as well.

Get the Book List Here

Gift Ideas for Parents Who Have Everything

Not only do my parents have everything they really need, but they are moving early next year and don't want a lot more stuff they'll have to pack.

Gift ideas for my parents need to be practical or worth keeping during a move.

Cozy Hot and Cold Neck Wrap

Both of my senior parents get super chilly when visiting our house. With all the time I spend in the kitchen near a hot oven, I keep our house temp down.

This cozy neck warmer is perfect for keeping them comfortable during a visit. They can leave it at our house for visiting or they can take it home to enjoy without using up too much room in their move.

Buy the Neck Warmer Here

Mega Insulated Cup

When recovering from surgery over the summer, my mom had a hard time getting up to refresh the ice in her drink.

We bought her this awesome insulated mug and she absolutely loved it.

She could make one trip to the fridge and be comfy with her icy cold drink all day long while recovering in her arm chair.

Buy the Mega Cup Here

Pre-Loaded Kindle

A Kindle Paperwhite and a Kindle Oasis sit on a table together.

Especially during a year with a big move, I don't want to burden my parents with the need to pack up a huge box of books.

Instead, load a Kindle with some fun new reads, they can slip it into their bag and take it on the go.

See the Kindle Starter Kit Here

Luxury Towel Warmer

Another perfect gift for parents who are always cold, what could be better than stepping out of a hot shower into a hot towel wrap?

This was my sister's idea and I think it is absolutely brilliant.

Buy the Towel Warmer Here


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