18 Festive Christmas Puzzles for Families

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Christmas puzzles make an excellent St. Nicholas family gift and are a fun way to spend time together during the busy holiday season. Settle in with a great Christmas movie marathon and solve a Christmas puzzle together.

A dad and his daughter work on a Christmas puzzle together

Family legend has it that one of our all-time very favorite days we have spent together during the Christmas season is when we had an unexpected Snow Day and got stuck at home one Saturday.

We turned on a Hallmark Christmas movie marathon and solved a 1,000 piece Christmas puzzle together while I made shepherd's pie in the crock pot.

Best. Day. Ever.

Since then, a Christmas puzzle has been one of our favorite family St. Nicholas gifts to receive.

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We save it for either a slow Saturday or for a Christmas Eve activity so we have something special to do together.

If you want to enjoy a Christmas puzzle with your kids this year, I've collected my favorite Christmas puzzle designs.

Why These are the Best Puzzles

After years of doing puzzles with my kids, I've learned a few puzzle tricks along the way.

When choosing a puzzle design, I always keep these things in mind:

  1. High Contrast Scene: I avoid puzzles that are mostly white with snow or a very monochromatic color of any kind. It makes for tedious puzzle sorting.
  2. Small Designs within the Scene: We especially love puzzles that have many smaller scenes within the scene. The kids can focus on one section much more easily this way and the whole puzzle goes faster.
  3. Festive Themes: There are so many adorable Christmas puzzles to choose from but some can be a little cheesy. I look for a mix of designs featuring Santa, ornaments, wintery dogs, landscapes or city scapes, etc. Don't miss the adorable Christmas book cover puzzle below, too!
  4. Number of Pieces: Our favorite size set is 500 piece puzzles but I did include a few 1000 piece puzzles for puzzle-loving families. We think the 500 piece puzzle is easiest to do as a family in a single session but if you want to spend more time, the 1000 piece puzzles are a better bet.

Christmas Puzzles for Families

These are the best Christmas puzzles in 500 piece or 1000 piece sets for families to do together during the holiday season.

When to Work on a Christmas Puzzle

We love to dedicate one major puzzle day to finish it in a single session, but some years we're just too busy to carve out that time.

You could set your puzzle up on the dining room table and work on it in small chunks all December long.

While you're working on the puzzle, you could enjoy a Christmas read aloud book. Either take turns reading or choose one of these titles on audio and listen together.

Or you could always work on a Christmas puzzle during a Christmas movie marathon like we originally did. It's a fun way to keep busy while the movies play.

A photo collage shows several of the Christmas puzzle designs.


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