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Rainbow Glitter Christmas Ornaments

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Bedazzle your Christmas tree with rainbow glitter ornaments this year. These easy to make baubles bring all the bling your holiday needs! Don't miss even more homemade Christmas ornaments ideas here.

A pile of rainbow glitter ornaments are stacked on a drying tray.

Oh sparkly rainbow glitter ornaments, where have you been all my life?! Life is just too dang short to have a Christmas tree covered in snooze-worthy regular old store-bought ornaments. Why buy a pack of pre-made commercial bulbs when you can spend an afternoon sprinkling glitter like the magic unicorn princess you were always meant to be?!

I just happen to have a 7 year old daughter who thought this was the BEST DIY project in the history of ever. Little Pea has always understood the value of adding a little bit of bling to everything she does. You want to make your kids ridiculously happy? Or maybe your inner 7 year old needs a little attention herself? You won't believe how easy these are to make.

Mega pack of rainbow glitter for crafting? Check!

ZERO glitter on my living room floor? CHECK!

Usually glitter crafts end up shedding that sparkly goodness everywhere they go. It's exactly why I've shied away from using it. For these rainbow glitter ornaments, the glitter is on the INSIDE. Once you've made them, there's zero sparkle mess in the aftermath.

4-step easy DIY rainbow glitter ornaments for Christmas


  1. Mega pack of glitter: We used a discontinued set by Martha Stewart that has the most swoon-worthy shades of red, pink, gold, copper, aquamarine, cerulean, and lavender. I found a really close substitute with this set of 24 rainbow glitters here.
  2. Clear plastic ornament balls: Careful which ones you buy, you don't want a big seam around the sides. We used balls just like this pack here.
  3. A bottle of clear floor polish: Isn't that crazy?! It's totally true. Unfortunately, the original brand of floor polish I used was discontinued. So sad!! But from some research I've done, it looks like this floor polish could be a decent alternative. Please note I have not personally tested it, but it is a clear floor polish similar to the one I originally used.

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Putting those materials together to make the breathtaking rainbow glitter ornaments couldn't be easier. Check out the demonstration here:


A couple tricks to making rainbow glitter ornaments even easier:

  1. Pop off the metal top to several ornaments at once and line them up.
  2. Pour the floor polish into the first ornament. Swirl it around and coat the entire inside of the ball -- right up to the very edge of the top of the ball. Hint: do this over your kitchen sink for easy clean-up if you spill a little.
  3. Pour the floor polish from ornament #1 into ornament #2. Turn ornament #1 upside down on top of the bottle of polish so any excess can drain back into the original bottle while you swirl and coat ornament #2.
  4. Move ornament #1 to the counter, pour the polish from ornament #2 into ornament #3, place #2 on top of the bottle to drain. I coated up to 3 ornaments in polish at a time before adding the glitter to all 3. Working in batches was easier than constantly pouring the polish in and out of the main bottle.
  5. Pour just a little glitter in to start, you can always add more, but it is really hard to get the excess back out.
  6. One single container of glitter was enough for me to get 3-4 ornaments completely coated. With the pack of 24 glitters, you can make about 100 ornaments. 
How to make rainbow glitter ornaments with your kids: Super easy Christmas crafting with sparkly fun.

I have one more little finishing touch I'm going to add to these beauties. HINT: It involves my Silhouette Cameo. But, I just couldn't wait to share these with you. I'll be sure to update the post once they're totally finished.

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4-step easy DIY rainbow glitter ornaments for Christmas
4-step easy DIY rainbow glitter ornaments for Christmas
4-step easy DIY rainbow glitter ornaments for Christmas
How to make rainbow glitter ornaments with kids. Just 4 steps to glittery fun.


  1. This site/blog is very hard to read, as there are just so many ads. Regular ones that move with your article, which are normal and they don't hinder reading, however, there are 2 small boxes overlayed that were permanently on the page that blocka lot of the screen, and a third that would pop up spuratically. I just want you to know this could be a deterrent for people coming back to your site. Also, as mentioned by others, the link to the floor polish in Amazon doesn't work, but you also didn't include the name or brand etc which I get- becuase it helps you to have the link used but if it no longer works, I would give the info. Even moreso now because I haven't been able to find floor polish/wax ANYWHERE. I feel like it may be off the market?? Hopefully this is helpful to you as that is my intention ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Hi Erin,
      I'm sorry for the delay in updating this post, I didn't realize that the floor polish I used had been permanently discontinued. Such a shame! I did some research this afternoon and I think I may have found an alternative that would work similarly. I've updated the post to reflect that, thanks for the heads up.
      Best wishes,

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