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Use this FREE printable Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Game to host an adorable family movie party this Christmas season. Perfect entertainment for Christmas Eve with grandma & grandpa, too!

Christmas movie bingo game has red candy markers holding place.

For a number of years, I noticed friends getting all excited about the Hallmark Christmas Movies line-up and quite frankly rolled my eyes.

I love Christmas just as much as the next mistletoe fairy but the over-the-top cheeseball vibe I got from the Hallmark movies was just too much.

--> Says the woman who never actually watched one.

And then I finally did.

Cue the Christmas music and hand me an ugly sweater.

My heart melted and I gladly guzzled the eggnog-spiked Kool-aid that is the Hallmark Christmas Movie experience. 

They are such a fun way to spend time together during the Christmas season that my husband and I created this fun Hallmark BINGO game together.

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How We Came Up with the Idea

Our first experience with Hallmark Christmas movies came during an unexpected snow day where we were stuck at home.

I set out a huge 1000 piece Christmas puzzle for the kids and me to work on and decided to give the Hallmark Channel a go to just play in the background.

By the end of the day our entire family had gotten COMPLETELY sucked in and ended up watching 5 of the Hallmark Christmas movies, BACK TO BACK!

We had finished that puzzle and yet the Hallmark Channel played on . . .

When my youngest started calling out educated guesses about what would happen next in the plot with remarkable accuracy, the giggling started and didn't stop.

My husband was laughing over comments like:

"Oh here he comes -- the hero in a sweater with elbow patches. I bet his mom passed away last year and his heart needs healing."

We had such fun with our Christmas movie marathon that my kids don't need convincing to watch Hallmark movies with me.

But we couldn't resist adding a little extra fun to the experience with these FREE Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Cards. 

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo: A free printable movie-watching game for families

Sample Hallmark Plot Points

Believe it or not, my HUSBAND helped write the BINGO squares after watching the Hallmark movies with me!

We were laughing so hard together at the end of our movie marathon last year, we quickly wrote down all the moments that had to appear on the cards.

I've kept that handwritten list in my notebook all year, just waiting for this moment to share the BINGO game with you.

The BINGO game features amazingly hysterical and predictable plot points like:

  • A couple trims a tree together
  • Someone drinks hot cocoa
  • Santa appears
  • There's a BIG misunderstanding
  • Someone says "Just like mom made."
  • Someone wears a tiara.

FREE Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Game

The bingo cards come as a set of 25 sheets--no two are exactly alike!

You can print off just as many as you need or let your family double up on the cards. 

Would you like to save this?

We'll email this post to you, so you can come back to it later!

I highly recommend using red and white M&M Peppermint flavored candies for your bingo markers but Hershey kisses, popcorn, pennies, or tiny jingle bells would be super fun, too! 

Get your FREE Hallmark Christmas BINGO Cards here!

Plan Ahead and Record Hallmark Movies

I recommend DVR-ing a few Hallmark movies for keeping on hand for Christmas Eve or another family fun day. That way you can watch exactly the ones you want.

If you don't have access to the Hallmark Channel, you can sign up for a season subscription to the Frndly app.

With the Frndly app, you can watch Hallmark, Lifetime, and the Great American Family channels (and a lot more!) live like you would on cable.

You also get unlimited DVR recording of movies for saving for later.

You can get a 7-day free trial to the Frndly app here if you want to check it out.

Hallmark movies and Christmas cookie baking go hand in hand.

Here are some easy treats you can bake while still keeping an eye on the movie.

More Family Movie Fun

You could keep the BINGO cards off to the side and have your family enjoy working on a Christmas puzzle together while the movies play.

Hallmark Christmas Movie FAQ

If you're new to the Hallmark Christmas movie craze like I was, you probably have a few questions on your mind . . .

Forget the calendar. Let's bake stuff, drink hot cocoa, and watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

How do I get the Hallmark Channel?

If the Hallmark channel isn't part of your current tv subscription service, you should totally check out the Frndly app.

With subscriptions starting for just $6.99/mo, you get access to ALL of the following channels:

  • Hallmark Movie Channel
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  • Lifetime
  • The Great American Family
  • Dove
  • A&E
  • History Channel
  • and so many more!

You'll have access to so many Christmas movies that would work great with this fun Bingo sheet. You can get a 7 day free trial of the app here.

Which Christmas movies are playing on the Hallmark Channel this year?

Check out the full season line-up on the Hallmark Channel's guide right here.

What are the best Hallmark Christmas movies to watch with kids?

I'm still new and haven't seen too many, but I LOVED this article on Southern Living about the viewer's top favorites. I'm adding them to my watchlist now!

What if I don't have access to the Hallmark Channel?

This playful Christmas movie bingo game would probably work with any romantic Christmas movie you want to watch. Love Actually is one of my very favorites. 

Are Hallmark Christmas movies appropriate for children?

I had no problems with my girls (ages 7 & 10) watching with me last year. They are very family friendly but skew towards entertaining the adults in the room more than kids, like the difference between a romance vs. a cartoon. There is some kissing and romantic flirting, some adult problems the characters encounter, but nothing that made me rush for the remote.

My children wouldn't ask me to turn this on for them to watch alone but it is holiday television content I feel 100% comfortable watching while they are in the room.

Is this Hallmark Christmas movie bingo game appropriate for kids?

100% YES. My husband and I wrote the game a little tongue in cheek but there is nothing inappropriate for kids here. In fact, the game would be perfect for Christmas Eve fun for the whole family! Print a few cards off and get grandma and grandpa in on it, too.

Get your copy here!

I want to make my own custom bingo game, how did you make the cards?

I found this adorable template over on Etsy. I wrote each of the square content sayings myself. I flattened the file to share with you to respect the original seller's work.

If you'd like to purchase a customizable version to make your own, shop her store right here.


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  4. Cool ideas, thanks for the post! I love Christmas and spend time with my family - it helps me connect with them so much. I was out of ideas about what to do this Christmas, now I know for sure I'm gonna watch Hallmark movies thanks to your post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. I wait all year for the new Hallmark movies every year! I have my Hallmark movie list ready and now my Christmas Movie Bingo cards! I can't wait to play! Thanks for posting this!

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