20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Moms 2023

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Looking for great gift ideas for moms? These are some of my personal favorite things that I bet the mom in your life would love, too. Find great suggestions for moms who love to cook, moms who love tech gifts, moms who plan for busy families, and moms that want cozy, comfy gifts.

A photo collage shows some of the gift ideas for mom including a candy dish, a nightgown, and a bread machine.

Moms spend most of the holiday season busily planning ALL the gifts on the Christmas list.

We spend so much time coming up with just the right thing for everyone else, it can feel nearly impossible trying to come up with the perfect gift for ourselves when our families ask for suggestions.

So what ends up happening? Our families are left to guess what we want and way too often, mom is the one who is disappointed on Christmas morning.

Don't Let This Be Your Christmas Morning

This SNL sketch really stings with truth.

My kids found this and shared it with me last year. I'm so thankful this hasn't been my own personal experience, but I have several friends who have reported back it reflected their holiday accurately:

This year, I want to encourage you to make a Christmas wish list for your family. To help you fill it up with things I think you'll love, I made a list of my own personal favorites.

Several of these were very special gifts from my husband or parents for Christmas. Sometimes they worked together to get the more expensive things, but there are several budget-friendly items I think you'll love, too.

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Gifts that Make Mom's Day Happier

These goodies make my everyday life just a little bit more fun and happy.

From stocking stuffers to surprise gifts for under the tree, these gift ideas will add a little color, comfort, and sparkle to mom's day.

Java Sok Drink Cozy
I ordered this product on a whim earlier this year and ended up loving it so much I keep it in my purse ALL THE TIME.
Using this drink cozy, I can keep the ice icy in my drink for several hours and my drink never gets watery. I also love that it absorbs all the moisture so I don't get water rings on my desk. It also makes the drink more comfortable to hold and your hand doesn't get all drippy.
The Small size cozy fits a Starbuck's Tall iced coffee/drink just right.
The Medium size cozy fits a McDonald's medium Diet Coke.
This would make a fantastic stocking stuffer or fun gift for mom along with a coffee shop or favorite drive-thru restaurant gift card.
Get the Java Sok Here
A blue and white toile patterned cozy on a to go cup.
Swig Cup (22 oz)
I got suckered in by a cute holiday pattern to try one of these insulated drink cups. I drank my iced coffee and set the cup by the sink.
Life got busy, I never washed the cup that day. My husband went to wash it to make me an iced coffee THE NEXT MORNING and it STILL HAD ICE in it!!
"What alien magic is this??" I heard him muttering as he washed and refilled my cup with fresh coffee.
If you're the type to sip on an iced drink slowly for hours, these cups are absolutely incredible. I can make my iced coffee last allllll morning long.
My favorite size is the 22 oz cup without a handle. It's the nicest to hold and fits in my car cup holder perfectly.
The cup comes in dozens of different colors:
Pick Your Swig Cup Here
A white coffee cup with palm trees on it.
Erin Condren Planner and Pens
I've been using my Erin Condren Life Planner for over a decade. I love the bright and cheery covers and the clean design of the pages.
You can customize a cover with personalized photos or mom can swap the cover with seasonal designs if she likes since each cover is interchangeable and simply snaps on and off.
Want to see more about how I use my planner? You can read my full Erin Condren review here.
But if you're ready to gift a year of organization, you can save $10 off your first Erin Condren order here.
Make your gift extra-special by ordering these awesome colorful felt tip pens to go with it. I absolutely love that they do not bleed through the pages of the planner.
Save $10 on Erin Condren Here
An Erin Condren planner is on a table with 3 pens on top.
Solar Powered Rainbow Maker
I keep this crystal rainbow maker on my kitchen window and as soon as the morning sunshine hits the solar panel, the entire room fills with swirling disco rainbows.
It is ridiculous how happy this silly little gadget makes me in the morning.
My husband will comment: "Your sunshine just turned on." It's always a reminder to pause and enjoy the bright lights and happy colors for a moment in my busy day.
If you look closely at the food photos all over this web site, you just might spot a sneaky rainbow hiding in the corners of the images sometimes. I've given up trying to edit them out. Ha!
Get the Rainbow Maker Here
A solar powered crystal rainbow maker that clings to a kitchen window.

Fun Kitchen Gifts for Moms

It's no secret I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

These are some of my favorite things for entertaining or cooking for my family.

California Bold Pepper
I discovered The Spice House a few years ago.
Of all the spices they offer, this California Bold Pepper Blend is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. We have a jar for sprinkling that we keep on the dinner table next to the salt but I buy the huge bag to refill it.
For a mom who loves to cook or a family member that needs to cut down on how much salt they use, this would be a fun surprise gift or unique stocking stuffer.
We actually gave a big bag of it to my parents and sister for Christmas last year and it was a hit.
Get Your Pepper Here
A jar of California Bold Pepper Blend by The Spice House
Crystal Pink Goblets
My sister gave me a set of these stunning pink goblets for Christmas last year and I have used them practically every day!
These budget-friendly crystal goblets are dishwasher safe. The shorter stems help them to fit better on the top rack and are quite sturdy. But wow do they sparkle in the sunshine.
I adore the fun pink color but I did also splurge on a set of blue goblets as well.
The "Claret" size is perfect for wine. The "Goblet" size is larger and meant more for water.
You can get the pink claret set here and the blue claret set here.
Get the Pink Goblets Here
A pair of pink crystal goblets.
Nora Fleming Minis and Base
This is one of my very favorite gift ideas. I've been collecting both ceramic and melamine serving pieces from the Nora Fleming collection for years. Each piece has a small hole for adding a seasonal "mini" ceramic accent.
One base platter can then be customized for any holiday or special event with the simple swap of the mini.
You can see my favorite pieces in action here.
Get mom a base and a couple minis to start her collection.
I recommend this versatile candy dish and this adorable red bow that would work for a wide variety of special occasions.
Pick your Nora Fleming Pieces Here
A box of Nora Fleming holiday minis next to cute photos using them for food displays.

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Bread Machine and the Best Bread Cookbook
We tested 5 major bread machines while developing recipes for The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook and for most busy families, I think the Cuisinart bread maker is the perfect fit.
This budget-friendly appliance will help get warm, fresh bread to the dinner table with just a few ingredients and a press of the button.
Even better?? Give this gift to mom with a note that promises YOU will learn how to bake the bread for her sometimes!
Get the Cuisinart bread maker here and don't forget a copy of the best bread machine cookbook!
Get the Bread Maker Here
A Cuisinart compact bread maker sits on a kitchen counter next to a jar of flour.
Ninja Creami
This fun kitchen appliance went absolutely viral on TikTok this summer and you couldn't get your hands on a Ninja Creami anywhere for months.
At the end of the summer I was finally able to find one in stock and we've been playing around with easy frozen treats for the last few months. I'm close to having some delicious recipes to share as we get closer to January, but this would be a fun surprise gift for mom.
She can make FroYo from regular store bought yogurt and homemade ice cream from fresh fruit, canned fruit, or pudding mix. So many fun ways to play with it.
Get the Ninja Creami Here
A ninja creami appliance sits on the kitchen counter next to the tiled backsplash.
Air Popcorn Popper
I bought this air popper popcorn maker as a family gift last Christmas and we have used it dozens and dozens of times all year long. I think it makes the BEST popcorn and it doesn't use a speck of oil to cook it.
The kernels pop up nice and fluffy and it is so easy to use and clean.
Give mom this air popper with a selection of popcorn kernels, a big popcorn bowl, and a promise for HER pick of movie night together soon.
Get the Popcorn Popper Here
A blue popcorn popper with a big bowl of popcorn.

Wearable Gifts for Mom

I use these clothing items every single day and absolutely LOVE them.

Knockaround Sunglasses
During a beach trip a few years ago, I bought a pair of sunglasses out of necessity at a random beach shop. They quickly became my very favorite sunglasses ever.
I accidentally scratched them this fall after 4 years of hard use. I was SO SAD! My daughter suggested I look inside the arms of the glasses for a brand name.
I discovered they are the Paso Robles design by Knockaround sunglasses and I quickly popped onto their web site and ordered FOUR MORE pairs! (Two for me, and one for each of my girls.)
It is a very flattering shape and I was sure to buy the POLARIZED lenses. They make such a huge difference when I'm driving in the intense southern sunshine.
They are super affordable and come in a wide variety of colors. Each pair of sunglasses also comes in a soft green drawstring pouch so they don't get scratched in mom's purse.
Get My Favorite Sunglasses Here
A young woman wearing sunglasses and a yellow shirt.
Haflinger Wool Clogs
I am on my feet for hours on end in the kitchen, especially during recipe development days.
My parents gave me a pair of Haflinger clogs to wear around the house to help with some back pain I've been having and they make such a huge difference!!
My pair are navy blue with little white embroidered stars but this grey pair would be perfectly neutral and go with any lounge wear mom loves.
Get the Clogs Here
A grey wool clog slipper.
Cool Nights Sleepwear
A couple years ago, I discovered the Cool Nights line of sleepwear by Soma. I splurged on a night shirt and could not even believe the difference it made in how comfortable I was while I slept.
The fabric is made out of some kind of amazing alien technology and I am remarkably cooler while I sleep. I was almost chilly the first night I wore it!
Cool Nights has sleep shirts/nightgowns like this but also comes in a variety of pajama pants, shorts, and tops that you can mix and match with fun seasonal patterns and colors.
They make coordinating robes that are super soft and usually have pockets, too.
If you're going to buy mom a robe for Christmas, I recommend also getting a coordinating pajama set to go with it so it feels more intentional!
Get My Favorite Jammies Here
A woman is wearing a navy blue nightgown with polka dots.

Fun Tech Gifts for Mom

These tech gifts make my every day life just a little more fun.

For moms who love music or listening to audiobooks, these are especially fantastic.

Shower Speaker for Bubble Time
I actually gave my daughter this bluetooth shower speaker as a birthday gift last year. She let me borrow it one day when I was feeling super stressed and wanted to take a long hot shower. She suggested I play soothing music to help unwind.
I ended up loving it SO MUCH that my family gave me my own shower speaker for my birthday.
I use it to play a wide variety of playlists from Spotify or to listen to my audiobook.
You can adjust the volume AND fast forward or back through songs on the playlist right from the speaker.
Get the Shower Speaker Here
A music speaker clings to the shower wall.
AirFly Pro
When my daughter and I flew to Ireland this spring, I packed this AirFly Pro wireless audio transmitter to pair with my favorite noise cancelling headphones on the air plane.
This handy gizmo allowed me to listen to the inflight movies with my Bose headphones with no wires. For a long international flight, anything that makes you even a little bit more comfortable feels heaven sent.
At home, I can use my AirFly to connect with the screens on the treadmill and other workout out pieces at the gym in the same way. For a mom who spends a lot of time at the gym or on a plane, this would be a great surprise gift.
Get the AirFly Pro Here

Gifts for Moms who Love to Read

2024 Book Club Books

A stack of books with the spines hidden so you can't see the titles just yet.

Give mom a year of the best reading ever. The Peanut Blossom Book Club is starting our 10th year in 2024 and I'm so excited about our new line up of book club picks.

Bundle up a box of all 12 books for an epic gift of FUN reading for mom. Get the full list of 2024 book club picks with links to buy the books right here:

Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown
Moms tend to carry the emotional burdens for the whole family. As our kids turn to teens and our parents turn to seniors, there are even more complex situations to navigate for the sensitive mom.
My therapist recommended this book to me and said it is in her Top 10 Books of All Time. It's like a Dictionary for Complicated Feelings and has been so helpful in finding the right words to talk about difficult situations with my teens.
This hardcover edition of the book is absolutely beautiful, the design of the pages is appealing and the quality of the paper is perfect. Brene Brown is a phenomenal writer with a fantastic sense of humor.
Order Your Copy Here
A copy of Atlas of the Heart sits on the table.
Freely and Lightly by Emily Lex
I love to collect thoughtful and beautiful books to use as part of my daily morning basket habit.
Emily Lex's Freely and Lightly is one part devotional, one part watercolor art book, and one part autobiography.
I've loved Emily's watercolor Truth for Today cards and always keep them on display in my dining room so it was fun to see more of her artwork in this gorgeous book.
Order Your Copy Here
A copy of the book Freely and Lightly is on the table.

P.S. Is the mom in your life a book lover?? Don't miss my best gifts for book lovers here!


  1. Thank you Tiffany. I am starring this email to refer to often. You gave me great ideas for Christmas as well as birthdays that come immediately after Christmas. One of my favorite emails ever.

  2. This is quite possibly the best "Great Gift Idea" list that I've ever read! How did you know so many things that I would adore! I rarely read these type of lists, because I seldom find meaningful ideas on them. This list, however, is GOLD! I'd never heard of Nora Fleming; but I love the versatility of switching out the "mini" and being able to use the same dishes for multiple holidays and get-togethers! That is such a genius idea! I'm going to have to forward the link to this entire list to my husband and kids! ?

    1. Hi Amber, Oh my goodness I'm so glad you found this list helpful! Your comment made my day and I hope your family spoils you rotten with the items you're most excited about.

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