Playful Elf on the Shelf Toy Scenes

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Creative and inspirational ways for Elf on the Shelf to play with children's toys. These fun ways for the Elf to visit are so easy to set up and prepare.

Elf on the Shelf riding a Lightning McQueen car toy with a Christmas tree in the background.

What kid wouldn't find it wonderfully fun that their Elf on the Shelf got bored and decided to play with the toys surrounding him?

The best part about using the toys your child already owns for the Elf on the Shelf is that it customizes this tradition to YOUR family.

Kids love to imagine that their own toys have been up and moving like Toy Story in the night and it opens a whole new world of adventure for your elf.

1. Elf Riding a Dinosaur

Elf on the Shelf Dinosaur Parade by Carey Pace

My son has always had a fascination with dinosaurs and we have quite a collection of dinosaur figures.

Our favorite is actually the Papo brand. We have a particular fondness for the lesser known Spinosaurus, and of course the T-rex. The kids love how the jaws move.

Elf on the Shelf Dinosaur Parade by Carey Pace

This year the dinosaurs decided to have a parade along our stairwell and take our Elf for a ride.

If you don't already own dinosaurs, this set may be a good starting place.

Elf on the Shelf Dinosaur Parade by Carey Pace

One or two dinos per stair step!

2. Elf Rides Lightning McQueen

Cars scene with Elf on the Shelf by Carey Pace

Jolly first did a Disney Cars scene in a previous year. I wrote about not being afraid to REPEAT past successful and well loved antics. Here was that Cars scene, take 2!

Cars scene with Elf on the Shelf by Carey Pace

If your kids are into Planes instead of Cars, you could totally do this idea as a Runway!  

Cars scene with Elf on the Shelf by Carey Pace

You can find my supply list for a regular road race here.

3. Elf Meets Rainbow Loom

Elf on the Shelf stuck in the Rainbow Loom by Carey Pace

Like probably 99% of all other elementary aged children last Christmas season, my kids were very into the Rainbow Loom.  

I confess, I actually really enjoy making things with the Loom myself.

Cars scene with Elf on the Shelf by Carey Pace

But poor, poor Jolly. He wanted to make the kids special bracelets. He wanted to so very badly. But unfortunately, he got himself in quite a pickle.

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Cars scene with Elf on the Shelf by Carey Pace

Positively stuck.  He wove himself right into the Rainbow Loom bracelet he attempted to make! You never know... perhaps some of the toys could use this idea to hold your Elf hostage!

If you don't have the Rainbow Loom, perhaps you have one of those Potholder Weaving Looms.

The same concept would work for those, too!

4. Grand Stuffed Animal Gathering

Elf on the Shelf Stuffed Animal Collection by Carey Pace

My daughter never had toy obsession phases like her brother had (airplanes, ocean creatures, dinosaurs)... until she discovered her fondness for stuffed animals.  

I remember finding it somewhat ridiculous when we'd receive stuffed animals as baby gifts, wondering who actually plays with them. My son sure didn't.

Well, now I know.  

Elf on the Shelf Stuffed Animal Collection by Carey Pace

Some kids do, very much, and my daughter is one of them.

When she received her first Ty Beanie Boo, there was no turning back. She has always, always preferred smaller stuffed animals over larger ones.  

She now prefers them to have large, sparkly eyes too. Go figure. Jolly simply had to round all of them up and count them!

Whatever it is that your child is into right now, round it all up in one spot!  They'll go crazy seeing their stuff arranged that way!

Oh, and if you're little girls love dollhouses, don't miss the adorable Calico Critters dollhouse elf idea here!

5. Sugar Cube Snowball Fight with Buzz

Sugar Cube Snowball fight with Buzz by Carey Pace

One of the first ideas I ever remember pinning back in the day for my Elf on the Shelf was a marshmallow snow ball fight with another toy.  

Love that creative idea! It had to be Buzz Lightyear, among the toys we owned, since he's the only "person" or character we have!

But I thought it would be so much cooler looking if I used sugar cubes to stack the best fake snowball forts.

Sugar Cube Snowball fight with Buzz by Carey Pace

Here's what I learned:

  • Probably best NOT to stage this idea on the dresser of your kids' room.  It takes a while to set up -- much longer than I anticipated -- and you don't want to risk waking the kids up!
  • I bought two boxes of sugar cubes just in case, and boy, I'm glad I did.  It will take more than one, certainly depending on the size of your toy figure.
  • We set out a few mini marshmallows for variety as well.
  • My patience ran out and fatigue had set in, so I decided to make Jolly's a more hasty sugar cube fort. That, or Buzz won this round. If you want it to be perfect, set aside some time. Don't be in a hurry.

More Ideas for Your Elf

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