Naughty Elf on the Shelf Pranks

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Naughty Elf on the Shelf pranks are a hysterical way to make the whole family giggle this Christmas season. These sweet and innocent pranks are never mean and are sure to bring joy to the house.

Elf on the Shelf sits on top of a Melissa & Doug chalkboard with a message that reads: "I will not hide too hard again."

Last year my son entered the world of enjoying pranks.

He looooooved catching Daddy stepping outside and locking him out in the cold. So we knew that the kids would find it utterly hilarious if Jolly pranked Daddy.

This ushered in one of the most fun phases of our Elf on the Shelf tradition -- the sweet and innocent holiday family pranks.

As long as your family has the right playful attitude, these simple Christmas pranks would be so fun to incorporate into your elf's visit this year.

1. Decorate Daddy's Face

Elf on the Shelf pranks dad by drawing on his face by Carey Pace

My husband is such a fun dad and a good sport, so he was perfectly willing to play the part of prank victim.

I picked up a super cheap pack of face paint sticks similar to this from Hobby Lobby or Walmart to do the drawing.

I had considered using an eye liner and lip liner stick, and think that probably would have worked better. I'm certainly no face painting expert, but these were hard to get vivid colors with and make precise marks.

I set my alarm for a Saturday morning when Daddy would be waking "after" the kids would, and barely got it drawn before the kids barged in.  

But OH. They LOVED this. They LOVED that Jolly got Daddy.

2. Underwear On the Christmas Tree

Elf on the Shelf pranks the kids with underwear on the tree by Carey Pace

We go to a Christmas Tree farm to select and cut our tree each year. But we were late in the day, and I barely got the lights on the tree before bedtime.

We didn't have time to decorate with our ornaments. That is apparently against the official North Pole Elf code of conduct.

Once a tree enters your home, you MUST decorate it.

So Jolly helped us out. Since there were no ornaments out, he used the kids underwear to adorn the tree.  

They are at the age where they found this to be hilarious. What if your Elf on the Shelf though to bring CHRISTMAS UNDERWEAR with him???

I LOVE these for girls and these boxer briefs or these ordinary briefs from Hanna Andersson.  

That would be combining gifts AND pranks!

Hanna Andersson christmas underwear

Jolly usually brings a gift or two when he arrives to help us get into the holiday spirit.  

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This year was no different.

3. Magnetic Poetry Messages

Elf on the Shelf leaves magnetic poetry by Carey Pace

I always wanted a set of magnetic poetry when I was younger.

I had no idea they had sets for younger audiences these days!

Elf on the Shelf leaves magnetic poetry by Carey Pace

Jolly thought it was a perfect time to bring a beginner set for the kids since they are both fairly new readers having been in kindergarten and first grade.

magnetic poetry kids

They make a whole variety of sets for kids!

4. Elf Hats & Shoes

Elf on the Shelf brings Elf hats and shoes by Carey Pace

Last December I made the many hour trek to visit Ikea Charlotte and found this adorable elf hat and shoes in the children's section. PERFECT elf gift!


Is this hat not THE cutest elf hat you've ever seen?


The kids were THRILLED.

Elf on the Shelf brings Elf hats and shoes by Carey Pace

If you aren't near an Ikea, these on Amazon look like wonderful alternatives.

Clockwise from top left:

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