5-Minute Prep Elf on the Shelf Poses

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These easy to set up Elf on the Shelf poses only take 5 minutes and are so good your kids will hope to see them again next year!

An Elf on the Shelf rides a toy car racetrack.

Last week my kids were having a great time theorizing what Jolly, our elf, would do this year.

Several of their hopes were things he's done in the past. For an OCD creative mom, this hadn't really occurred to me.

"Repeat!?  That's ludicrous!", my internal response said. "It must be fresh and new, each time!"

But dude. Seriously. Who cares?  

In fact, according to my kids, repeating would rock. 

So really, don't be afraid to bring back a flashback of last year's coolest Elf feats. You can view some of my favorites from last year here if this is your first year.

Super Fast Elf Poses to Set Up

Elf rides on Route 66

1. Race Track Driving Elf

So if last year your Elf set up all the cars and took a drive down Route 66 . . . Apparently it would be super awesome if he did that again.  

I just used black construction paper that I taped together to form a road, and painted the dashed line with a white paint pen.

I printed the Route 66 sign and taped it to a chop stick that I stuck in some leftover styrofoam I had in my craft cabinet.  

But check out this magnet that would be way better. Super simple with big impact.

Elf on the Shelf ideas

2. Elf Snuggle Time

Jolly borrowed my daughter's favorite special blanket, when he was looking for a soft place to snuggle.

Grab a small stuffed animal to add to the scene. It works even better if you've hacked your elf like this.

elf on the shelf ideas

3. Midnight Snacking Elf

Imitation Elf Ice cream. Set him in the fridge. No explanation necessary!

More 5-Minute Prep Ideas

Many of the clever Elf on the Shelf poses found in these posts could also be set up in 5 minutes or less as long as you've planned ahead!

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  3. This completely makes sense to me. Kids love traditions so they want to see the same thing happen. They also love to repeat things themselves....how many times did we watch Cars, back-to-back, every day?
    I work in a preschool and if I do something one day, the kids come in asking if it is going to happen today again.
    Great series of posts!!

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