5 Easy Homemade Salsa Recipes

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Easy homemade salsa is a great first recipe for kids in the kitchen, especially for little taco lovers. Check out these five salsa variations that are a hit with picky eaters.

Fresh cilantro is about to be mixed into a homemade salsa recipe inside a food processor.

If you asked my kids what they want for dinner, every single day the answer would be "TACOS!"

Whether it is Taco Tuesday or not, they just can't get enough of their favorite Mexican food.

They started their taco passions as most kids do, with just simple meat and cheese tacos. But gradually they came around and developed a love for salsa, especially my homemade restaurant style salsa recipe.

Once I convinced the kids just how delicious classic salsa is, I started moving on to simple variations to introduce new flavors to their tacos.

If they want to eat tacos as often as they request them, *I* needed to have more variety in our line-up!

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Easy homemade salsa recipes for kids to make for their families

Pineapple Salsa 

This is one of my personal favorite salsa recipes.

The recipe for this easy pineapple salsa is fantastic on it's own but tastes amazing on my Crockpot chicken tacos, grilled fish, or paired with spicy shrimp.

Pineapple Salsa for Tacos
Make this fresh pineapple salsa to spoon over your favorite shrimp, fish, or chicken tacos. It adds a burst of citrus juice and tons of flavor to every bite. You could also spoon it over grilled fish or baked chicken seasoned with blackening spices or jerk seasoning for an easy family dinner.
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The white bowl filled with pineapple salsa.

Corn Salsa

I love pico de gallo for it's fresh chunky veggies. This corn salsa recipe is similar but has the lovely addition to sweet corn for extra texture.

It's a great way to encourage kids to try something new with a familiar loved veggie that takes over predominately in the mix.

Chunky Corn Salsa
This fresh chunky corn salad is loaded with veggies and makes an excellent topping for fried chicken sandwiches or for dunking with tortilla chips.
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A jar of chunky corn salsa has fresh tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and cilantro. There's a plastic fork digging in.

Restaurant Style Salsa

Always a classic, you can make this homemade salsa as mild or as spicy as you like and the texture is nice and smooth for kids who can't stand the chunky salsa variations.

Easy Homemade Salsa
Homemade salsa is easy to make using canned tomatoes for convenience and fresh vegetables to add flavor and texture. Leftover salsa can be frozen for later.
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A bowl of homemade salsa has a spoon on the right and a pile of restaurant style tortilla chips on the plate around it.

Sweet and Spicy Peach Salsa

If pineapple isn't your thing, this sweet and spicy peach salsa is amazing with chicken, pork, or fish tacos.

I love to eat it straight-up with my favorite "hint of lime" tortilla chips, too.

Sweet and Spicy Peach Salsa
Fresh juicy peaches mixed with red onion and bell peppers makes a surprisingly different fresh salsa for summer entertaining. Excellent served with grilled chicken or fish.
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A bowl of homemade chunky peach salsa has a blue spoon for serving.

Mojito Style Salsa

No worries, there's no alcohol in this mojito style salsa recipe. It's great for kids who love that lime taste. We serve it over fresh grilled fish (in a taco or not.) Try my easy grilled tilapia for a good option but it would be delicious as a condiment on my blackened mahi sandwich, too.

My kids love to dip salty chips into that tangy sauce.

Mojito Salsa
This refreshing mojito salsa is a fun twist on traditional salsa. Made with roasted yellow tomatoes and plenty of lime and a touch of fresh mint, it is delicious on top of spicy grilled fish. Perfect for dunking tortilla chips, too.
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Yellow mojito salsa is drizzled over a spicy grilled tilapia on a blue plate next to a serving of white rice.

Mango Strawberry Salsa

Yes, there's even a salsa for dessert! You could serve my sweet mango strawberry salsa with cinnamon pita chips for dunking as a special snack or treat.

Mango Strawberry Salsa
Fresh mango and fresh strawberries come together in this easy to prepare sweet mango strawberry salsa that tastes amazing served with cinnamon pita chips for dunking.
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A bowl of strawberry mango salsa has a blue spoon and cinnamon pita chips on the plate next to it.
A young girl pours a can of tomatoes into a food processor.


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