Easy 4th of July Sugar Cookies Design Ideas

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These easy 4th of July sugar cookies are so easy to make with red, white, and blue royal icing and basic sugar cookie cutters. Show your love for the USA with stars and stripes and hearts!

A photo collage shows samples of several red, white, and blue sugar cookie designs.

The Fourth of July is the perfect example of just how amazing a sugar cookie platter can be when you stick to a very tight 3-color royal icing palette!

Even when using only red, white, and blue icing, you can make dozens and dozens of absolutely adorable sugar cookie platters on a wide variety of themes.

From the obvious stars and stripes, to solid color hearts, to platters of adorable popsicles and bikinis, you're going to be blown away by all that you can do with these simple techniques.

Getting Started

Once you've planned out the cookie designs you want to make, it is time to get in the kitchen and get your supplies ready.

You will need:

  1. Baked Sugar Cookies: This is my very favorite easy sugar cookie recipe, especially if you're baking with kids.
  2. Easy Cookie Cutters: A big mistake new bakers often make is choosing a cookie cutter that is too detailed and tricky to work with. I strongly recommend these easy cookie cutters.
  3. A Big Batch of Royal Icing: You can get my detailed royal icing recipe here, but if you don't want to use royal icing, you could make several of these cookie designs with one of these frosting alternatives.
  4. Handy Decorating Tips: Royal icing is actually a lot easier than most people think. If you're curious, these easy royal icing design tips will help get you started.

Easy Design Ideas

Once you're ready to get decorating your sugar cookies, you could start with one of these super-easy royal icing designs for the Fourth of July.

Red, white, and blue polka dots, an easy chevron design, or even sparkle fireworks are all easy to make using the same design technique.

The finished red, white, and blue 4th of July sugar cookies.

Chevron Sugar Cookies

To make a chevron pattern for the 4th of July, simply outline your cookies (any shape!) with a piped line of royal icing.

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Flood the cookie with the same color for your base.

Photo collage shows how to use royal icing to make chevron sugar cookies.

Then while the base is STILL WET, pipe an alternative color stripe across the cookie. It will settle right into the wet icing.

Use a toothpick or skewer to pull the icing through in an up and down pattern to make an alternating chevron design.

Let the cookie dry completely before moving.

Fireworks Technique

Using the same concept, you could also make these easy fireworks cookies.

Start by piping the border and flooding the cookie with your base.

Photo collage shows how to use royal icing to make a fireworks design.

Instead of stripes, drop one color of polka dots of wet icing into the wet base. Use a toothpick or skewer to pull the frosting into a firework shape.

Then layer a second color polka dot over the first dot and use a toothpick or skewer to pull the second color into an offset pattern to mimic the sparkle.

Looking for more adorable sugar cookies for July 4th? Don't miss this full list of easy designs even beginner bakers could make:

4th of July Sugar Cookies Design Inspiration

These easy sugar cookie designs for the Fourth of July will bring the sparkle and boom to your dessert table!

Using the colors of the day, a pretty platter of red, white, and blue sugar cookies is so easy to make shine.

Festive Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are such a fun and festive treat to make for holidays all year long. Here are some of my favorites that use just 2 colors of icing to create:

A photo collage shows several of the easy sugar cookie designs for the fourth of july.


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