The Best Cookie Cutters for Kids

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Need the best cookie cutters for kids to give as a gift for your little baker? Forget about those messy metal cookie cutters, once you try these you'll want to start a brand new collection for your kitchen!

A bin of colorful sugar cookie cutters with a few samples laid out in front.

In my opinion, one of the more frustrating parts of baking cut out sugar cookies is the cookie cutters themselves.

Years ago, in a fit of frustration, I tossed out all of our bent and wonky metal cookie cutters during a kitchen purge.

I hated how they got all tangled up and lost their shapes.

When my girls expressed interest in learning how to decorate sugar cookies, I knew we needed to get a few cookie cutters to do the job. I dreaded having that clutter in my cabinets again.

And then I discovered Sweet Sugarbelle cookie cutters at our local Michael’s.

I seriously stopped dead in my tracks and my jaw hit the floor.

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Y’all. These cutters are the BEST thing to happen to my kitchen in years. I’ve been obsessively snapping up designs for the last year and it is an addiction I just can’t seem to quit.

A collection of cookie cutters are on a kitchen counter.

Sweet Sugarbelle cookie cutters were absolutely game-changing in my kitchen because:

  • Durable: They are made from very durable plastic, they don’t bend or lose their shape and yet they are sturdy enough to cut through thick dough.
  • Flexible: She designs her shapes to be “shape shifting” cookies. Turn it right side up and it is a heart, turn it upside down and it becomes a puppy dog. Each cookie cutter set comes with decorating instructions and tips for shifting your designs. This way you can get more cookies out of less cutters. BRILLIANT!
  • Adorable & EASY: Her sweet and simple shapes still look absolutely adorable as single-color cookies and are perfect for the newest of beginners to cookie baking.

Want to see some of the cookie cutters in action? Here are just a few of the designs I've baked with my kids over the years:

The Best Cookie Cutters for Kids

These colorful and easy-to-use sugar cookie cutters are perfect for baking with kids. The simple shapes and durable designs will provide endless baking fun for your family.


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