100 Days of Summer Family Photos Challenge

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Capture your summer family photos from not just your summer vacation but also your everyday family moments while you're kids are home from school.

Capture 100 days of summer photos to remember special family memories.

Do I see any Phineas and Ferb fans out there?

Their theme song is sung by every member of our family loud and proud every time we hear it:

"There are 104 days of summer vacation, then school comes along just to end it."

Last year I came up with a very last minute idea to take some inspiration from that catchy opening line and capture our family summer with a photo a day project.

I counted out how many days actually were in our summer vacation and found it fell sadly short of 104 so I tweaked the parameters to include Memorial Day through Labor Day instead.

The project was done partly on my phone, partly with my big girl camera. And sadly, I didn't actually complete it.

But I did capture dozens more photos of priceless everyday moments than I would have without this goal pushing me along.

Capture a Photo a Day

From family adventures to popsicles in the backyard to driveway chalk drawing to jumping in the pool, just think of all the fun memories to capture in the coming weeks!

Which moments do you want to remember?

The best part about the 100 Days of Summer photo challenge is that even if you don't make it all 100 days, you are absolutely certain to capture priceless photos you wouldn't have caught if your camera wasn't handy and on your mind.

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100 Summer Family Photos to Capture

If you don't like one of the ideas? SKIP IT. This is a list of fun family photos to inspire you, not a rule book.

This project is YOURS.

These prompts are just to help you if you get in a total rut. They are one part image prompt, one part super fun summer bucket list. 

Some of my photos are posed, some are candid. I totally mix things up.

Don't be shy about intentionally arranging a situation just for a picture, some of my all-time favorites came from intentional photo sessions complete with planned outfits on family trips.

The pictures are all for you to remember this special time with your family. 

100 Days of Summer
  1. Coming off the bus (or arriving home) on the last day of school
  2. Kids snuggled up in jammies being summertime lazy
  3. Pooltime fun in swimsuits
  4. Reading a book
  5. Laying in the grass
  6. Blowing bubbles
  7. Running an errand
  8. Trip to the library
  9. Coloring or crafting time
  10. Time capsule shot of their favorite toys
  11. Eating a popsicle or ice cream cone
  12. What's blooming in your yard?
  13. Buckled into the car for a trip
  14. The trunk of your car packed for a trip (or coming home!)
  15. A landmark sign in your town or on a trip
  16. Jumping into water
  17. Helping in the kitchen
  18. Holding a sparkler
  19. A message written in the sand
  20. Your partner relaxing
  21. A selfie of you with the kids
  22. Your partner working (in the yard, in the kitchen, doing a chore)
  23. Your kids doing a chore
  24. Your kids in their bed
  25. A close up of a favorite article of clothing
  26. Jumping BIG jumps with arms in the air
  27. Riding a bike
  28. Bouncing a ball
  29. Writing a message in chalk (on driveway or chalkboard)
  30. Close up of hands holding a found object from nature (shell, pinecone, leaf, flowers)
  31. Eating a treat that is special to your area
  32. Your view when you exercise
  33. Pile of sandals by the door
  34. Kids cuddled up for movie night
  35. Close up of the snack or treat for movie night
  36. Kids by movie poster at the movie theater
  37. Hands holding the most favorite books read this summer
  38. Pillow fort building
  39. What does nap time look like? (Works for teens, too! Ha!)
  40. Playing with friends
  41. Running through a sprinkler
  42. Flying a kite
  43. Holding a basket of veggies from the farmer's market
  44. Playing a video or computer game
  45. A connection -- a hug, a wrestle, or a tug-o-war--between siblings
  46. A goofy pose (Superman, strong-armed hero, crazy monster pose.)
  47. Playing in the backyard
  48. Doing a summersault or cartwheel
  49. A snapshot of a typical summertime dinner
  50. Posing outside of church or Sunday school
  51. Summer camp drop-off
  52. Summer camp pick-up
  53. The backpack or swim bag that is packed for the day out
  54. A snapshot of summer lunch
  55. Holding a sparkler
  56. A flying flag
  57. Getting ready to watch fireworks
  58. A picnic
  59. Watching a parade
  60. Jumping rope
  61. Baking something
  62. Time with grandparents or extended family
  63. Snapshot of handwriting -- a postcard or journal entry
  64. Your favorite furry friend
  65. Swimsuits lined up to dry
  66. Favorite pool toys
  67. Catching up with doc/dentist appointments
  68. Posing with summer accessories: sunglasses, sunhat, etc.
  69. A chilly beverage
  70. A selfie of how you relax when summer is getting long
  71. Your favorite family tv show
  72. School supply shopping
  73. Before/after hair cuts
  74. Modeling back to school clothes 
  75. Capture a local fountain
  76. Visit your nearest "downtown" area
  77. A local landmark
  78. A local park
  79. A lemonade stand
  80. A sand castle
  81. Twirling
  82. Find a statue and everyone poses just like it
  83. Something on the grill
  84. Something you eat on a stick
  85. Jumping in a puddle
  86. One big drink, multiple long straws, kids sharing
  87. Family game night
  88. Your favorite coffee stop
  89. Piles of laundry with summer clothes
  90. How many cups are on your counter by the sink?
  91. Kids eating breakfast
  92. Dancing 
  93. Playing on their favorite screen (or your phone)
  94. What do you do when they are in bed?
  95. What's blooming in your yard now?
  96. The big pile of books that everyone read over the summer
  97. School orientation day
  98. Playing on sports team or other extracurricular
  99. Packing backpacks on the last day of summer
  100. The first day of school 

What to Do with the Photos

Once you have all these awesome photos, why not print a few for a photo album or use them in a photo slideshow?

Why You Should Do a Daily Photo Project Even if You Fail

The best post I've ever read about why you should start creative projects you suspect you will fail at completing was written by Courtney over at Click It Up a Notch.

She explains:

"Because, you're not failing. You still have images you would have never taken if not having challenged yourself to pick up your camera everyday.

There is something magical about those ordinary images you capture because you “had” to take a photo for the day. Whether is it the toys left on the floor because you forgot to take the photo until after the kids went to bed or maybe the sleepy photo of your little one sleeping because you know the only time you have to capture a photo was during nap time.

It doesn’t matter how far you make it, you will be thankful for the images you take."
- Courtney Slazinik, Click It Up a Notch

You absolutely need to take a peek and read the whole piece:
"Why I'm starting a photography project I know I won't finish."

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