25 Joyful Family Christmas Picture Ideas

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Capture joyful family Christmas pictures with these 25 photo prompts to help inspire you this season.

25 Days of Joy: a photography project for moms

Want to capture your family's Christmas with meaningful photos this year?

There are so many precious things to remember about our holidays with kids that it can feel overwhelming with where to even begin.

Try this daily photo challenge and capture 25 breathtaking family Christmas pictures you'll love to enjoy year after year.

As much as I love capturing the best Christmas morning pictures, last year I set out to capture a photo a day during our entire holiday season.

I love how it helped me to look for the beautiful moments of joy all month long.

I want to share this experience with you!

A Christmas light display at night in front of the family home.

25 Days of Joy Photography Project

The holiday season is crazy busy, don't forget to capture priceless photos of your family during the rush!

Give yourself the gift of slowing down to live in the moment and enjoy your kids during Christmas by capturing a fun photo a day Christmas photo challenge.

Step 1: Grab Your Camera or Phone

This fun Christmas photo challenge is best with whatever camera you have!

I love to use my DSLR but a cellphone camera is super easy when you're attending school concerts and fun festive events.

Use whatever you have with you!

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Step 2: Capture Precious Christmas Memories

Look for what brings you joy.

It might be hard to see it but that's exactly why we are doing this project.

Look for the beauty in the season.

Focus on that, not the stress of your to do list.

We are going to mindfully choose JOY all month long.

There are NO RULES or requirements for your images.

But to help you from getting into a creative rut, I came up with 25 photo prompts to get you going!

25 Family Christmas Picture Ideas

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to capture first?

Work your way through these easy and inspiring holiday photo prompts:

31 Days of Joy: A Christmas season photography project

1. Advent calendar door
2. Stocking hung on the mantle
3. A sentimental ornament
4. Kids eating candy canes
5. Gingerbread house decorating
6. Pile of favorite Christmas picture books
7. Kids watching a holiday movie
8. Visit with Santa
9. Your outdoor decorations
10. Child playing with Nativity scene pieces
11. Kids in Christmas jammies
12. Holiday concert or event at school
13. Cookie baking session
14. Your favorite decorated space
15. Tree lights twinkling in the evening
16. Your favorite holiday recipe
17. Your holiday card display
18. Candles lit on a table
19. Mugs of steaming hot cocoa
20. Your favorite way to relax at night
21. A crazy festive mess in progress
22. Your elf's favorite hiding spot
23. A cluster of kid art from school
24. A new detail from a tradition you do each year
25. A selfie with YOU and the kids

PLEASE NOTE: No "Christmas" required!

Our family tradition is to celebrate Christmas so my prompts reflect that experience.

If your family celebrates something else, I would absolutely love to help brainstorm photos for you that will help you capture what is meaningful to your family.

There is plenty of joy to go around all month long!

What to Do with the Photos

Once you've taken the time to capture your family Christmas photos, why not print a few to display around your home or make a special photo album?

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25 Days of Joy: a photography project for moms


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