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10 Halloween Witch Treats

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These fun and easy witch treats for Halloween are a great way to celebrate the holiday with kids.

A cake plate has several brownie bites with green frosting and pretzel rods that look like witch cauldrons. There is a black witch hat decoration on the plate.

When it comes to Halloween party themes, it is hard to beat a classic witch.

There's just something about that tall pointed hat that screams Halloween to me.

The best thing is that witches aren't always the villains so if you've got little ones that scare easily, it's a fun theme that won't spook them too much.

There have been at least two times where my Little Pea chose to go as a classic witch for her Trick-or-Treat costume.

Once she paired up with the Peanut as a Black Bat and the second time as a Hogwarts Witch with Harry Potter.

If you want to add a little witchy fun to your Halloween party, I've gathered up some of the cutest witch recipes to make with your kids this season.

First up are our favorite brownie bites recipe. You can spot them displayed on our Nora Fleming platter with an adorable witch hat mini as decoration. You could put almost anything on that platter and have it be instant Halloween fun!

10 Spooky Witch Halloween Treats for Kids

Looking for an easy Halloween treat to make with the kids for Trick or Treat night? These fun witch-themed recipes are perfect for your Halloween party.

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