10 Candy Corn Halloween Treats

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Sweet and easy candy corn themed Halloween treats for kids that are perfect for your trick-or-treat party.

Candy Corn fudge is cut into squares on parchment paper. Orange, black, and yellow candies and sprinkles are pressed into the white fudge.

My Little Pea is a HUGE fan of all things candy corn.

While I think there's nothing cuter than the layered orange, yellow, and white fall candies, I know that this particular treat causes a mixed reaction for some.

Does anyone else still remember Moose & Zee from Noggin?

It's been years since those shows were the background to our daily life, but our family still sings along with their classic "I don't like candy corn" song every year:

Since candy corn is such an integral part of our fall celebrations, I absolutely had to include our recipe for candy corn fudge in The Ultimate Kids' Baking Book.

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But if you love candy corn enough that you need even more Halloween treat ideas that showcase those fun candies, I've found the absolute best candy corn recipes for you to enjoy with the kids this year!

Top 10 candy corn Halloween treats for kids

These sweet and festive Halloween treats are perfect for candy corn lovers. With a playful orange, white, and yellow color palette, even if you don't love the traditional seasonal candy, you're sure to find something tasty to serve at your Halloween party here.

More Fun Halloween Recipes

If you love Halloween baking with kids, you won't want to miss these other cute ideas:


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