Harry Potter Fan Club for Families

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Start your own family Harry Potter Fan Club: read the Harry Potter books with your kids and plan an epic movie marathon with themed Harry Potter recipes and more!

A stack of the Illustrated Harry Potter Books are on a shelf with a golden snitch sitting on top.

Like many muggles my age, one of the things I most looked forward to once we had our kids was the magical day I could finally read Harry Potter aloud with them.

Sharing the magical Harry Potter series with your kids is an opportunity for you to connect as a family, enjoy some whimsical magic, and make memories you'll all enjoy looking back on.

You could just read the books, but why not take it another step farther and start your very own family Harry Potter Fan Club??

All it takes is slowing things down and adding in a little creativity along the way. Here are all my best tips for getting started:

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Read the Harry Potter Books Together

The first thing to do with your Harry Potter Fan Club is start by reading the Harry Potter books, of course!

For both of my girls, we read the books out loud together. It was one of my favorite reading experiences with them ever.

I strongly believe that this is the best edition of Harry Potter to read aloud with kids.

For older kids or for kids who don't appreciate being read out loud to, you could simple agree to read the books at the same time but separately. You enjoy your copy while they enjoy theirs.

Get Sorted into Your Hogwarts House

After you finish reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, be sure to get every member of your family sorted into their proper Hogwarts House!

You can take the official Sorting Hat quiz right here.

Harry Potter Movie Night

After you finish reading each of the Harry Potter books, pause before you pick up the next book to host an epic family Harry Potter Movie Night.

With just seven books in the series, this experience can be enjoyed over the course of years. A Big Deal Movie Night gives you all something special to look forward to at the end of each book.

You can find the easiest Harry Potter snacks for movie night right here. My kids still talk about these goodies.

But for our final Harry Potter movie party, we went all out and made homemade Harry Potter chocolate frogs the day before. It's easier than you think!

Celebrate Harry Potter's Birthday

Harry Potter's official birthday is July 31, 1980.

This date is super convenient for families who are looking for something fun to do during summer vacation.

Be sure your Harry Potter fan club marks the special occasion with an epic Harry Potter birthday cake, this is a great night to plan for a movie party, too.

Of course you could always celebrate your little wizard's 11th birthday with a Monster Book of Monsters cake and a custom Hogwarts invitation.

Believe it or not, even my husband got in on the action and requested a treacle tart for his birthday treat one year.

Harry Potter Costumes for Families

As the year rolls around, you'll find ways to incorporate Harry Potter into your holiday traditions.

Halloween popped up right after we finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban so of course my kids just had to dress up as Rita Skeeter and Belatrix Lestrange on the cover of The Daily Prophet.

Harry Potter Craft Ideas

DIY Halloween costumes are only the beginning. If you love crafting, there are so many fun Harry Potter crafts you could enjoy.

One summer, my girls and I made a bunch of Harry Potter themed mugs and canisters for displaying in our living room for fun. They've become cherished Halloween season decorations.

Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans

When Christmas arrives, you may discover your Harry Potter fans might be including some Harry Potter merch on their wish lists.

There are so many cute gift ideas for Harry Potter fans, I confess I wouldn't mind some of these for myself!

Visiting Harry Potter World at Universal

What better way to celebrate finishing ALL SEVEN Harry Potter books and ALL EIGHT Harry Potter movies and years upon years of Harry Potter fun than by planning an epic family vacation to Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando??

The photo collage shows several sights form the Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando.

I've been lucky enough to visit Harry Potter twice -- once on an adults-only trip with some friends and once with my girls.

You can learn everything you need to know about visiting Harry Potter at Universal Orlando here.

But don't miss these must-have budget tips for saving money at Harry Potter in Universal Orlando.

The photo collage shows a stack of Harry Potter books next to 4 photos of Harry Potter activities for families.

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