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First Communion Cookies Design Ideas

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First Communion cookies make a sweet party favor or treat for your guests to take home after the reception. From simple and sweet to stunningly detailed, your perfect sugar cookie design is here!

A photo collage shows some of the First Communion cookie designs for girls and boys.

When my daughters each celebrated their First Communion, we hosted a special family party at our home after the ceremony.

Since we moved away from my hometown, our party was limited to just godparents and grandparents, but I still remember the giant parties the kids in my Catholic school class each had when we were growing up.

If you're planning to host a special event for your child's First Communion, you're probably already thinking of the special dessert you'll serve or maybe the party favors you'll send home with guests.

In either case, a custom tray of First Communion sugar cookies checks both those boxes! What sweeter way to celebrate the rite of passage than with cookies that match your little one's favorite color or details from their outfit of the day?

These sugar cookie designs feature all the symbolism of First Communion:

  • First Communion white dresses
  • Elegant crosses decorated with floral details
  • Golden chalices and grape vines
  • Rosaries and Bibles
  • And so much more

Mix and match your favorite designs to bake your own cookie platter. You can even freeze them ahead of time so you can enjoy the process far in advance of the event.

Or, you can use this to help inspire that custom cookie order from a local baker near you.

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First Communion Cookies Decorating Ideas

More First Communion Party Ideas

Need more ideas for your special First Communion party?

A photo collage shows several examples of the First Communion cookie ideas.

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