Zojirushi Bread Machine Review

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This Zojirushi Bread Machine review is a summary of our experience with the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound Loaf Bread Maker after baking dozens of bread maker recipes over several months. You can double-check the specific model referenced here.

A Zojirushi Bread Maker sits on a kitchen counter.

Looking for a new bread machine? If you want large loaves of perfect, traditionally shaped bread you should definitely consider the Zojirushi Bread Machine.

Of the 5 different bread machine models we tested during production of The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook, this machine was one of our family's favorites.

If you'd like to read the reviews of the other models we tested, be sure to check out the Best Bread Machine for Beginners article here.

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Will It Fit In My Kitchen?

To best illustrate the size of the bread maker, I took these photos on my kitchen counter underneath a standard height kitchen cabinet.

The Zojirushi bread machine sits on a kitchen counter underneath a kitchen cabinet.

The Zojirushi bread machine is the widest of the bread makers we tested. It has a shallow depth but is a long, rectangular metal appliance with a coated lid.

When the machine is closed, it will fit neatly underneath a standard-height kitchen cabinet on your counter.

To open the machine, you don't need to even pull it forward. It is short enough that the lid can swing fully open even while under the cabinet. This is the only bread machine we tested to offer this feature.

The Zojirushi bread machine has been opened underneath the cabinet.

The size of the machine makes this appliance a commitment in space. If you don't want it on your counter, it will take significant space inside a cabinet or on a shelf.

What Can You Make With It?

The Zojirushi produces some of the best versions of many classic bread machine recipes.

  • The crusts are always crispy.
  • The crumb of the bread is light and fluffy.
  • The baked loaf is a classic shape and size.

The machine has the capacity for only 2-pound loaves.

It has the option to make dough but we prefer other machines for that use.

The Bread Pan & Paddles

The Zojirushi comes with the sturdiest of all the bread pans of the machines we tested. It is made of a very solid, thick metal that doesn't bend or flex at all.

I love the inner coating material on the pan seems to be one of the strongest but can still scratch if you're not careful. Always use silicone spatulas for scraping.

The Zojirushi is also the only bread machine that features two paddles for mixing. This means dry pockets of flour almost never happen in the corners of the bread pan.

I always hand wash all our bread machine bread pans and paddles. None of them are scratch-proof and all must be handled with care.

The Zojirushi bread pan has two paddles for mixing.

How Sturdy Is It?

The construction of the machine is very solid. The machine is very heavy and doesn't budge an inch while working, even during the kneading cycle.

  • The hinges are smooth and solid.
  • The bread pan snaps into place and doesn't budge.
  • The buttons are sleek and seem sturdy enough but could potentially crackle with heavy use over many years.

This bread maker feels like a small tank--heavy and solid. It's not a machine you'd want to lift and carry in and out of storage very often.

How Easy Is It To Use?

The Zojirushi is easy to use once you've become familiar with the programming options.

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Like all other bread makers, once you've added the ingredients to the bread pan and selected the proper button options, you can mostly walk away.

However, the buttons and program options don't align well with most bread machine cookbooks on the market. You may have to tweak the settings a bit to match what your recipe is calling for.

I used the Basic Program for most recipes included in my cookbook.

If your recipe has mix-ins like raisins, chocolate chips, or chopped nuts, the Zojirushi will beep to alert you when they can be added manually.

A close-up of the Zojirushi bread machine program options.

The Quality of the Bread It Makes

The Zojirushi definitely produces amazing golden brown breads. We especially love it for making sourdough and caraway rye breads.

The dome of the loaves are always round and smooth and the machine bakes bread that always looks picture-perfect.

Storage Considerations

If you try to store the machine in your kitchen cabinets, it will eat up significant space.

If you don't want the large bread machine on your counter, you'll want to consider storing it on a basement or garage shelf.

The machine is heavy but not difficult to move, just bulky and will take up a good amount of space.

Noise Factors

The Zojirushi is the quietest bread machine we tested. You will barely know it is even working.

Even during the traditionally noisy kneading phase, you can barely hear the motor or paddles.

If noise is an issue for you, hands down this model is your best bet.

Awesome Features

There are several things to love about this bread machine model:

  1. Traditional Bread Shape: The loaf is the closest thing you'll ever find to the shape of an oven-baked bread from a bread machine.
  2. Easy to Slice: Most machines that bake larger loaves have a final bread shape that makes the 2-pound bread really difficult to slice neatly. The Zojirushi loaves are absolutely perfect for easy slicing.
  3. Preheating: This is the only bread machine that has a preheating phase at the start of the programs to bring the ingredients to the proper temperature for baking. It adds a little time to the cycle as compared to other machines but definitely helps make perfect loaves.
  4. Two Paddles: It is the only bread maker to offer two mixing paddles in the bread pan.
Dough about to rise inside the Zojirushi bread pan.

Cons to Consider

No bread machine is perfect, each of the models we tested had features I would love to see improved. Here are some cons to consider for the Zojirushi:

  1. Expensive: The Zojirushi is one of the most pricy models we tested. It is definitely a commitment.
  2. Size: The large shape makes it hard for storage for smaller kitchens or infrequent use.
  3. Removing Bread: This is the most difficult model for removing the baked bread from the baking pan, especially if you don't remove the paddles before baking.
  4. Confusing Panel: The button options can be difficult to match up with most bread machine cookbook recipes.
  5. Small Window: The viewing window is almost useless on this machine. You can hardly see the bread and there's no illumination light. Often, the window will fog up.
  6. Hard to Clean: My kids tell me this bread pan was the most frustrating to clean of all the models we tested. Bread often sticks in small crevices.


This is my husband's favorite of all the bread machine models we tested. He loves the texture of the crusts, shape of the loaf, and the way the 2-pound size slices easily.

This is the machine he grabs when he wants to bake a large sourdough loaf or anything he wants to slice for sandwiches.

Personally, I avoid using this machine when I'm home alone because getting the bread out of the pan at the end is often very frustrating. My husband has a knack at doing it easily but I struggle every time.

I do love the breads it bakes, I just find it a little more tricky to use.

Is the Zojirushi right for you?

Yes, you should absolutely get a Zojirushi bread machine if this describes you:

  • You plan to make bread often enough to justify storing this on your kitchen counter -OR- You don't mind storing it in a closet or basement and dragging it out when you want to bake.
  • You love crispy, crunchy crusts.
  • You plan to bake sourdough in your machine.
  • You have a large family and want large loaves every time you bake.
  • Your budget can handle the expense.
  • This is a special gift for yourself or a loved one that meets the description above.


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