Early Christmas Music That Won't Drive You Crazy

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Early Christmas music you can listen to right NOW without getting too much teasing from friends and family.

A twinkle tree in the background is seen through tree branches.

I saw a headline this morning that said "Listening to Christmas music too early could be bad for your health."

What fresh nonsense is that?!

When the calendar flips to Nov. 1 I am itching to play some festive tunes.

But before Thanksgiving is over, I do think it is just toooooo early for Santa Baby, We wish you a merry Christmas, and O Come All Ye Faithful. 

There are Christmas Songs and then there are festive holiday hits.

The difference is subtle but hugely important. 

I spent my morning pulling together my favorite early Christmas songs that are simply perfect for listening as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast.

Or any time this month, if I'm completely honest.

The focus in these songs is on family and love and wintertime.

There is no mention of Rudolph or Santa and no hymn you'll hear in church. 

Music that makes your heart feel warm and sets you up for a loving holiday season? How on earth could that possibly be bad for your health??

You can play the early Christmas music playlist right here.

Be sure to let me know if you have any songs I should add!

How to Listen

To be able to enjoy my early Christmas music playlist, you just need to have a Spotify account and a way to listen:

  1. Spotify Account: You can sign up for a free account here but we enjoy the family plan.
  2. Home Speaker: You can listen streaming from your computer but when I'm in the kitchen with my family, I'm always streaming music from our Amazon Alexa device.
  3. Smart TV: Some smart televisions or even an AppleTV device will connect to Spotify and you can play the music through the tv speaker into your living room.
  4. Smart Phone: Keep the Spotify app on your phone and you can listen in your car on the go.

Early Christmas Music Playlist on Spotify

Here are the tunes playing in my kitchen right now. I hope you love them like I do.

More Christmas Ideas

This is my favorite time of year, looking for more ways to celebrate with your family?

Early Christmas music that won't drive you crazy.


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  2. Love this playlist! Playing it right now while working on some upcoming Christmas blog posts. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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