16 Middle Grade Books for 5th Graders

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These page-turning middle grade books for 5th graders are the perfect book pile to keep on hand for summer vacation reading this year.

A stack of middle grade fiction books with a Kindle reader on top.

My Peanut graduated from 5th grade on Thursday, where did the time go?? I can't believe we're already moving on to middle school this fall.

The 5th graders ended their classes a day before the rest of the school.

So, to help us not spiral down into tears and sentimentality, we distracted ourselves after the graduation ceremony in the best way possible . . . by having a mommy-daughter date to Barnes & Noble on a school day afternoon.

While Little Pea was finishing up 2nd grade, the Peanut and I were busy scouring the shelves of the children's book section for awesome picks for a summer reading list for you and your kids.

Our finds are so good, I wanted to fill my own To Read list with them!

Some of these recommendations come directly from her just-finished reading shelf: books she has loved so much she'll come into our bedroom late at night because she just has to tell us all about what she just read.

Some of these are books we found together and thought looked interesting.

Motivate Kids for Summer Reading

If you really want your kids to read this summer, consider signing up for one of these great summer reading programs.

You could even start a summertime book club for kids! And don't forget, YES listening to audiobooks together totally counts as reading.

16 Books for 5th Graders to Read This Summer

This list of summer reading books for 5th graders was put together by a mom and daughter duo. Great books for both boys and girls to enjoy during summer vacation.


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