14 Best Audiobooks for Families

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14 best audiobooks for families to listen to at home or on the go. Classic children's books the whole family will enjoy and a perfect way to introduce your kids to audiobook listening.

The photo collage shows the covers of several audiobooks for families.

Looking for a new way to enjoy a read aloud book together as a family? Have you tried listening to an audiobook together?

I love turning on an audiobook for my kids and I to enjoy together whether we're at home or on the go.

Sometimes we listen on a speaker in the living room, other times we play the book in the car just running errands, to school, or even on a road trip.

One year, the girls and I took a 3 week road trip where we we spent 46+ hours in the car together. Our list of the best audiobooks for family road trips saved my sanity on that long drive.

While the road trip book list has picks that are more action-packed and perfect for all ages, especially adults, this list of audiobooks for families focuses on more gentle, classic books that you will enjoy reading with your kids at home and in your everyday life.

Tips for Listening to Audiobooks with Kids

Before you dig in on the list, I wanted to give you a few tips for really making the most of an audiobook listening session with your kids.

1. Multitasking Is Ok!

Got a wiggle-worm? It's ok, turn on an audiobook and let your children quietly play with their toys, doodle, or work on a craft project. It is amazing how much they are absorbing even when their hands are busy.

2. Keep an Audiobook on Your Phone

You never know when you're going to get delayed in carpool or be stuck waiting for someone to finish up a practice or lesson. When you need to keep your kids busy and entertained while they wait, keep an audiobook for them ready to go on your phone.

I always have a different book going for each kid so that no one feels like they missed part of the story while we were listening without them.

3. Take Turns Picking

Show your kids this list, too! Let them pick the next read. When they have some say in the choice, they're much more likely to be excited to listen!

14 Best Audiobooks for Families

Listen to the best audiobooks for families in the car or together at home for a fun new way to enjoy read aloud books with kids.

The photo collage shows several best audiobooks for families.


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