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20 Clever Confirmation Gift Ideas for Teens

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Give the best confirmation gift to your teen boy or teen girl to mark this extra special milestone. Unique gifts for the Christian teen in your life.

A teen boy and a teen girl knee in church during their confirmation mass.

Soon our family will be celebrating my younger daughter's confirmation and my older daughter is now able to be her sponsor!

As I was hunting down a special gift for her, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the awesome finds I discovered with you.

Catholic gifts have come a long way since I created the list of First Communion gift ideas. Now I am able to find fun and unique items that the teens in your life would love.

It used to be that if you wanted a special religious gift, you were limited to the core basics: a Bible, a rosary, and a cross necklace.

Today, there are fun and fashionable gifts that both boys and girls will enjoy using in the years ahead.

Whether you're the godparent, confirmation sponsor, proud parents, or special family or friend, there's definitely a perfect suggestion here for you.

Confirmation Gifts for Girls

The photo collage shows a t-shirt, a cross necklace, a candle, and a prayer card.
  1. A Delicate Gold Cross Necklace: Teens today love to layer their necklaces, so a dainty cross like this one from Kendra Scott would be an excellent choice since it would look great paired with her other chains or beaded necklaces.
  2. Personalized Jewelry Tray: Have a custom jewelry dish created with either her first name or her confirmation name. This pretty dish is perfect.
  3. Custom Confirmation Candle: These elegant jarred soy candles can be personalized with her name, confirmation name, favorite Bible passage, or inspirational quote.
  4. Custom T-Shirt: Search for her patron Saint and you'll likely find custom tees on Etsy like this awesome St. Joan of Arc tee I found for my own daughter.
  5. Watercolor Truth for Today Cards & Stand: Emily Lex has created the most lovely prayer cards with simple watercolor illustrations. This adds a charming touch to a bookshelf or her study desk. If she enjoys art, you may want to pair it with one of Emily's fantastic watercolor painting workbooks. Include a message in your gift card about enjoying the beauty God has created in the world.
  6. Christian Coloring Books: Get her a fresh set of markers and one of these creative Christian coloring books.
  7. Christmas Ornament: I love to give Christmas ornaments as gifts for special occasions because then the recipient doesn't feel the need to put a small figurine on display all year long. This Willow Tree angel ornament would be a simple design, but they also make angels holding the date of the year that would be a nice option, too.
  8. Any of the Gifts Listed Below: Girls like different things and you just never know. Be sure to skim through the list of gift ideas for boys AND the list of gifts for all teens below.

Confirmation Gifts for Boys

The photo collage shows a camp mug, a tee, a wooden tray, and a key ring.
  1. Leather Key Chain: This is an especially perfect gift idea for a teen who finally has his driver's license. This leather key chain has a very simple, masculine design with his first initial and confirmation date.
  2. Catchall Tray: This carved wooden tray would work in any teen boy's space. Bonus: It can't break. Engrave it with his initials and a simple cross, he can toss his keys, wallet, or phone on his bedside table.
  3. Personalized Pocket Knife: For the teen boy who loves to fish, hunt, camp, or be active outdoors, personalize this retractable pocket knife with an inspiring Bible passage. "Follow me, I will make you fishers of men." is especially appropriate.
  4. Funny T-Shirt: For the teen boy with a good sense of Catholic humor, this "Don't make me have to go to confession" t-shirt is hysterical.
  5. Wilderness Mug: For the outdoorsy teen boy who loves to be wild and have adventures, this camp mug emblazoned with "In God's Wildness Lies the Hope of the World." is just perfect.
  6. Any of the Gifts Below: Boys like different things and you just never know. Definitely skim through the list below for gifts any teen would love, but honestly peek at the list of gifts for girls above, there are some suggestions he might like there, too.

Confirmation Gifts Any Teen Would Love

The photo collage shows several simple gifts for teens including stickers, funny bandaids, and backpack decorations.

I had my older daughter peek at this list before I published it and she was laughing and swooning over all the ideas below.

She's currently a junior at a Catholic high school and she definitely confirmed that any of her friends would be tickled pink to open one of these gifts:

  1. Rosary with their Confirmation Saint: Find out who they selected as their Confirmation Saint Name and check out the handmade rosaries on Etsy. You will likely find a specialty one with a medal that honors their chosen saint.
    NOTE: Only give a rosary if you are the parent, godparent, or sponsor. Otherwise assume the teen likely already has one.
  2. Holy Playing Cards: A traditional deck of playing cards has been customized with the Catholic Saints. I know my rummy-loving girl would love this.
  3. Water Bottle with Saint Stickers: Get your teen the latest "cool" water bottle (Stanley, Hydro Flask, Corkcicle, Yeti, etc.) and a selection of vinyl Saint stickers to put on it. I particularly love this artist's designs.
  4. Tiny Saints: My teens love to add these to their backpack zipper pulls or keychains. Find your teen's patron saint here.
  5. Jesus Heals Bandages: This would be an excellent way to present some cash as a gift for your teen. Tuck it right inside this bandage tin.
  6. Camp Mug: For all the teens who worry, this simple mug with the quote: "Stop worrying about it. God has it under control. Matthew 6:34" paired with their favorite hot cocoa is a great simple gift.
  7. Gift Cards or Money: If you want to keep it really easy, you could treat your teen to a gift card to their favorite shop or tuck some cash inside a thoughtful card. For a personal touch, you could also include a prayer card featuring their patron saint. Depending on your relationship to the teen, $20 - $50 is a good range for a confirmation gift.

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