Everything Kids Need to Know About Getting Braces {VIDEO}

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Worried about getting braces? Kids have so many questions like: Do braces hurt? What can I eat with braces? All there questions and more answered by a mom and kid one year into treatment.
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EVERYTHING your kid needs to know about getting braces: Do braces hurt? What can I eat with braces? and more! Kid-to-kid advice from a girl who is one year into orthodontic treatment.

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Do braces hurt?

Does getting braces hurt or do braces hurt once you have them on? Kids are often worried about both of these questions. 

Does getting braces on hurt?:

The process for applying the braces was a little uncomfortable but my daughter said it didn't "hurt". There is a lot of tugging and pushing on the brackets and bands as they put everything into place, but nothing outright painful happens. Your teeth might feel sore after the appointment so it is smart to bring along some ibuprofen or other pain reliever. 

Does your mouth hurt after getting braces? How long do your teeth hurt after getting braces?

Yes, unfortunately your mouth will be a little sore after getting braces on, but it is usually a dull ache, not a sharp pain. Eating soft foods for a few days will help. After three or so days, the pain should start to improve a little bit every day.

Your teeth will hurt for a few days after each orthodontist appointment after they have done an adjustment. Some appointments have been more painful than others, but they have never interfered with my daughter's scheduled activities. She rarely even needs pain reliever.

How long does it take to get braces?

The answer to this can vary on what your doctor needs to place, but our initial appointment lasted two hours. The adjustment appointments often only take 15-20 minutes.

We were told our treatment plan would last about two years for the total treatment time, but that depends on how fast her teeth move. One of her adult teeth is still refusing to come into place, so her time may have to be adjusted a little bit.

Do you get to skip school when you get braces?

We started the orthodontist treatment plan over summer vacation, so my daughter didn't need to miss any school. If you get your braces on during the school year, you may miss part or all of the school day depending on your parents' schedule and when they time the appointment.

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What does the yucky tar-like stuff they plop in your mouth taste like?

We can't lie. It's pretty gross. BUT it's just even more of an excuse to treat yourself to a fruit smoothie or milkshake after your appointment.

How long does it take to brush and floss with braces?

It should only take a few more minutes than usual. Your doctor will likely give you a pack of accessories to help that might include an itty-bitty toothbrush to help get between the brackets. There is also a special flossing tool. We love to use a WaterPik machine to help as well.

Can you eat hard caramel candies with braces?

If you can’t, I’m going to break the rules. Also, how do people live without eating popcorn while they have braces? Can’t you just suck on each piece?

Sorry my friend, hard caramel candies are a no-no. If you break the rules, you could pop a bracket off your tooth which will likely not feel really good. It could also break or seriously bend your wires causing a sharp piece to poke you.

You don't need to live without popcorn if you just chew it really carefully.

But, no worries! We have some awesome substitutions for your favorite treats when you have braces! Get the full list of foods to avoid with braces here.

Do braces rust or is that a myth?

No worries, braces do not rust. They are made out of a metal that is perfectly safe to be inside of your mouth for as long as your doctor recommends.

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