6 Christmas Mom Daughter Traditions

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Spend some special girl time together this Christmas with these fun mom daughter Christmas traditions. 6 simple holiday traditions to do with your daughters

I remember fondly the special traditions my mom created for us to celebrate the Christmas season together: Breakfast with Santa, an annual shopping trip to Hallmark for a new ornament, and special lunches together.

Christmas was just as much about the preparation time as it was the big day itself.

This year I was eager to try something a little new with my girls.

Ages 6 & 9 are just too fun: old enough to behave so well in public, young enough to still appreciate simple outings together. I decided to organize one afternoon for some mommy-daughter time together.

6 simple holiday traditions for moms and daughters

Our special afternoon together was sandwiched together by two special events: a visit with Santa Claus and a special holiday tea at the American Girl store in our local mall. I rounded out the rest of the day with super simple things to make our time feel extra festive.

Mom Daughter Christmas Traditions

Want to plan a fun Girls Day Out with your daughters? My little ladies had so much fun with these traditions:

1. Get All Dressed Up

Before you head out for your special Girl Day, make sure everyone is dressed in something a little festive and special for your afternoon.

It doesn't have to be complicated or overly fancy. My girls loved wearing their new Christmas t-shirts and glittery shoes.

2. Christmas Nail Salon:

Grab all the red, green, or extra sparkly nail polishes you have on hand and sit down with your girls for a little at-home manicure session.

We spruced up with a red, green, and white glitter nail polish that Little Pea insisted on wearing. Why not??

3. Crank Up the Christmas Tunes:

Whether you're staying home or on the go, listen to Christmas music together. I created a special playlist for us on Spotify that features all the kids' favorites.

Need a place to start? We love this Christmas playlist for baking together.

4. Visit with Santa:

We have found Santa Claus at many different places in and around Charlotte the last few years: at the Daniel Stowe Botanic Gardens, on the Polar Express in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at the Biltmore in Asheville.

This year we just kept it super simple and visited with him right at South Park Mall. Little Pea was thrilled but I could tell that the Peanut was feeling a smidge embarrassed to be standing in line to sit near him.

When I pointed out two other kids taller and older looking than her in line, she felt a lot better. I remember indulging my mom for photos of us with Santa well into our teen years. I hope my girls always have a playful sense of fun when it comes to hanging out with the guy in red.

5. Plan a Holiday Tea: 

South Park Mall features the American Girl Store with a bistro that hosts several events throughout the year.

They have a sweet holiday tea event that is run throughout December so I booked a table right at the beginning of December.

6 simple holiday traditions for moms and daughters

We've never done one of their special events before, so we weren't sure what to expect. The tea started at 4pm inside the bistro.

They served our choice of tea or hot cocoa in individual tea pots along with an adorable tier of light snacks: fruit kabobs with strawberry yogurt dip, gingerbread shaped tea sandwiches, and mini frittatas.

The grand finale featured frosted sugar cookies, miniature peppermint cheesecakes, and chocolate mousse flower pots.

6 simple holiday traditions for moms and daughters

While we waited to be served, the girls worked on a simple glittery snowflake craft that was featured inside the tiny American Girl shopping bags at each place.

The tea wouldn't have been complete without a special seat at the table for our doll. Little Pea loved the tiny matching teacup and saucer she was able to use to help serve and feed her doll.

The Peanut's favorite part was the box of discussion questions that sat on the table. When our waitress first pointed them out I didn't think we would need them since we have no trouble chattering away. But, the girls loved taking turns reading off the questions and they were just right for the ages and interests of my little ladies.

6 simple holiday traditions to do with your daughters

The holiday tea took about an hour. We arrived early for our visit with Santa beforehand and left enough room in the middle for some light shopping for presents for the family. It was a lighthearted and festive way to spend a simple afternoon. Other traditions we've done in the past have been so much more of a burden on our schedule. It was wonderful to have something so sweet and so close to home this year!

6. Christmas Selfies

You're sure to want to remember your special day with your kids. Instead of just turning the camera towards them, be sure to get in the picture with them!

Take a holiday selfie with you and your girls. They will want to remember that YOU were there, too!

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