5 Flying Elf on the Shelf Poses

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Make your Elf on the Shelf Fly this year with these easy ideas for posing your Christmas visitor and new and creative ways.

The Elf on the Shelf is swinging on a homemade swing in the living room.

Your Elf on the Shelf doesn't have to just sit on a shelf, it is so much more fun to see him flying around your house!

This adorable Christmas idea is sure to add amazing magic to your holiday season with the kids and is so much easier than you'd guess.

Here are five easy ideas for making your elf fly this Christmas:

1. Parachute Arrival

Jolly is particularly fond of parachutes and always, always arrives to the Pace Place via one.

Elf on the Shelf parachutes

I use toy paratroopers for the parachute. Buy a 12-pack and keep them put away in your Christmas gear to use for the duration of this tradition!

I taped a paper bowl inside the parachute to make it remain extended.

Elf on the Shelf parachutes

Don't miss these additional great tips for your elf's arrival day.

2. Disc Swing

We have this disc swing in our yard and my daughter especially loves it.

That was the inspiration to make a disc/tire swing for Jolly to ride on.

Elf on the Shelf Disc Swing

I used a package of wooden tires/wheels from Hobby Lobby and spray painted them matte black (go ahead and do it now before it gets too cold to spray paint!). 

I used a washer to keep the twine string from pulling through the bottom hole. And I tied the swing to bottom of our dining room chandelier.

Elf on the Shelf Disc Swing

Jolly writes a note to the kids each day on his own personalized stationery.  For the disc swing, he wrote:

"At the North Pole, we elves sure do love to swing. And a tire swing is my favorite kind of swing. But old tires aren't very common at the North Pole where there is so much snow. We ski to get from place to place… or hitch a ride on a reindeer.  I found this old tire on my flight back to you last night and thought it would be so much fun to swing all day while you were at school!"

Elf on the Shelf Disc Swing

3. North Pole Airplane Ride

Jolly takes the vintage airplane in my son's room on a trip to the North Pole each year!

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Elf on the Shelf flies in airplane by Carey Pace

I have to say, this is always one of my favorite Jolly adventures.

Elf on the Shelf flies in airplane by Carey Pace

Jolly's note this day read:

"I look forward to flying your bedroom ceiling airplane back to the North Pole every year! It makes for a super fun and super fast fly back to the elf village at the North Pole!

Don't forget to think about what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas! You should let him know early, and be sure you won't change your mind. You don't want Santa to run out of the materials it takes for your gifts!"

Elf on the Shelf flies in airplane by Carey Pace

This is another one of those investment pieces. Buy it once and use it every year as part of your tradition!  

Here are a few I found on Amazon:

Airplane options for Elf on the Shelf
Airplane options for Elf on the Shelf

4. Harness From the Helicopter Hook

I used some ribbon I had on hand to create a harness of sorts to suspend Jolly the Elf from the cargo hook on my son's large helicopter toy.  

I tried to remember how all up in your business the zipline or rock climbing harness was whenever I had the opportunity.  

The kids really loved this one.

5. Elf in a Hot Air Balloon

This one was so simple but has such a great impact with the kids.  

I used a paper lantern from Hobby Lobby and tied ribbon to the top metal suspenders that hung down around the lantern.  

I attached the ribbon to a pink Solo cup using a rubber band. Regular tan color was all I had, unfortunately.  

We hung the lantern from the ceiling fan in our playroom.

If you were planning ahead though, consider purchasing this really cool hot air balloon basket to go with your lantern, or perhaps even buy this hot air balloon decor and use it in your kids' room afterward!

Carey Pace

Carey Pace believes that beauty waits to be uncovered in the ordinary moments of everyday life. She chases creative motherhood, honesty in her writing, and images that tell stories. Her faith in Jesus inspires her to explore and share the trials and triumphs of raising children while designing magical moments along the way. She is a seeker of Light, a starter of projects, a reader of books, a lover of food and flavor, and an encourager to others. She and her husband Shawn reside in Massachusetts with her son and daughter.  

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