Going home

The movers arrive in the morning and we’re finally going home this weekend.

I’m having a very hard time saying goodbye to our current house. It’s where I brought my babies home to just those few short years ago.

But then I look at those two beautiful peanuts and I realize I’m taking the very best of the memories with me when I drive off on Saturday.

I’ve wandered around our rooms reminiscing, I’ve said goodbye to friends, I’ve made plans for family to come visit. We’ve loaded up our cars to the brim and the chaos descends in the morning.

I’ll be on the road and getting settled for a bit.

You can keep tabs on our progress by following me on Facebook and checking out my Instagram feed.

And until I’m back to regular posting, you can rest assured I’ll likely be wiping my eyes to this song.

On repeat.

Because that’s how a drama queen rolls.

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