Top secret trick for capturing a 2 year old

This is my two year old Little Pea. For anyone who hasn’t tried to capture a toddler at this age, let me tell you that all they want to do is RUN as far and as fast away from you as possible when given the opportunity. And if they’re a photographer’s kid? The LAST place they are going to look is right at the camera.

Little does she know, I have a big trick up my sleeve when it comes to capturing her portrait:

Find a stranger! 

Knowing how tricky it is to get her to smile and look anywhere near my lens, I purposely took this little girl to our local botanic gardens yesterday because I knew that it had the two most important things I needed:

1. Good light & natural backgrounds.

2. Plenty of strangers walking the paths in and around the gardens.

I scoped out the perfect spot, got my camera settings ready to go, and waited patiently for a kind looking grandma-aged lady to walk by. I sweetly asked this good-natured stranger to stand behind me and say hi to Little Pea. My little flirt gave this absolute stranger her BIGGEST smile along with her signature giggle.

In two seconds flat I had the perfect portrait of my girl. That kind woman laughed when I told her I was done and that I had got what I needed.

My five year old Peanut also tried to be a photographer’s assistant. I couldn’t have managed these other shots without her. She can get her sister to look my way when I can’t, she just isn’t quite as sure a thing as a stranger!

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  1. Renee says

    I’ve said it a million times, but your girls are just so beautiful! I love seeing your photos of them :-) Oh, you will be soo missed!

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