A love letter to our house

My family is preparing for a major move. It is something we wanted to happen, something we’ve worked hard to make happen but in the end it is still a bittersweet milestone.

For my July 10 on 10 photography project I decided to capture a visual love letter to our house. By my August 10 on 10 project we will no longer be here. This was truly a last-chance moment.

As I sat down to edit my photos from that day, the impact of the project hit me full force and I burst into tears. I think my emotions are too raw to finish this month’s project right now although it would be very good for me, I believe.

While I work through my edits before sharing the final photo collage, I wanted to share the first photo from that morning because it is truly the most meaningful to me.

This corner of our living room usually is empty in the morning but when I started looking for the first image to capture I noticed that my girls’ little green chairs were sitting side by side under the windows and the gorgeous morning light was streaming in on them.

This is the corner where I captured 90% of my babies’ early portraits. The light here is beautiful at all times of day and they used to be small enough I could use that tiny bit of wall as a solid background. The neutral paint, the honey warm wood floors, and the gorgeous light made for very classic pictures of my tiny girls.

I used those green chairs to prop them up when they couldn’t sit on their own and as place holders to help them keep still where I wanted them to stay when they were active and mobile.

More than any other spot in our house, this image is what will bring hundreds of memories flooding back in the years to come.

I hope you are as lucky to have a special corner in your home like this one. I know it is the first thing I’ll be looking for in our new home. I know we have many more years of captured memories to look forward to. I’m just thankful to be able to bring this little capsule along with me until then.

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