5 Must-do’s before BlogHer

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There’s something kind of crazy about finally deciding you want to make some changes in your life: once you get going, it can be really hard to stop! 2012 has been one roller coaster ride after another. Deciding to take stock of every single aspect of our lives and look for ways to correct our family path has been liberating to say the least.

Even still, I give my husband a whole lot of credit for keeping his calm when I announced a very last-minute opportunity for me to attend BlogHer ’12 in New York City just 8 days from now. He just gave me a quiet look, took a deep breath, and said, “Ok!”

When you’re already turning your life upside down, what’s one more crazy impulsive decision?

I am beyond thrilled to announce that AdoramaPix has decided to sponsor this amazing opportunity for me to attend my first BlogHer conference. Photography is my passion but I believe even more strongly in displaying your memories so they can be enjoyed and shared publicly. We are a perfect match and I’m honored to be a representative for them at this conference.

So back to that “8 Days” thing. EIGHT DAYS. I’m a PLANNER. I would normally be researching and thinking and planning for this kind of event for months. How on earth did I find myself with mere days to prepare?! This is all complicated by the fact that I’m a total BlogHer newbie!

To keep myself from losing my mind, I’ve created this checklist. Here’s hoping maybe it will help another last-minute newbie throw caution to the wind and take the leap even on short notice! Grab that opportunity, ladies!

5 Must-Do’s before you head to your very first BlogHer:

1. Follow @BlogHer on Twitter: Do it now. All the updates you need in real time are being tweeted over there. They also respond quickly to questions. It has been a fantastic resource that has kept me from panic a few times.

2. Print your business cards: As a stay at home mom, I haven’t had real business cards in years. The audience who will receive them is quite a bit different than the recipients of my former-life business cards. The necessary details are a little different from “back in the day”.ย ย These can be very simple,ย mine include: ย name, blog title, URL, Twitter handle, Facebook page, Pinterest page, & email address.

3. Shop your closet: Clothing crisis, it’s hard to avoid isn’t it? I’m trying my best to heed the advice I keep seeing on Twitter: Don’t panic about your clothing. I shopped my closet and found 2 dresses for the evening parties and 2 daytime outfits that will work just fine. Having my fallbacks prepped and ready, I’ve allowed myself to hunt for a few items to perk them up so I feel more put together. New accessories, a new pair of shoes, a new bag: none of these are necessary but could definitely breathe new life into your old standbys and are a lot cheaper and easier to find than whole new outfits.

4. Review all your social media profiles: {cough, cough} I’m still working on this one. Hey, I still have 8 days! Do your profile pictures match? Are they what you want to be publicly representing you? What does your “about” section say? I want a new reader to have a cohesive experience whether they find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or my blog.

5. Take stock of your gear: I’m bringing my iPhone, an iPad, a portable external battery back-up that works for both, and my DSLR. I’m also going old school and bringing a notebook & pen. I’m choosing to go relatively light by leaving the laptop at home. The only item in that list that is new is the battery back-up. I know that my phone battery is just not going to handle the work out I plan to give it and I’ve been told there won’t be much time for plugging in and charging with the hectic schedules.

How about you? Are you heading to BlogHer for the first time? What’s on your last-minute must-do list, have I forgotten something? Let me know!

You can find me:

Twitter: tiffdahle

p.s. If you’d like to learn a little more about my wonderful sponsor, you can check out my review of their photo books here. It’s not too late to take advantage of their 20% off code before July 31, 2012.

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  1. Heather says

    SOOOO excited for you Tiffany!! Can’t wait to hear and see all about it! Say hi to Martha Stewart and Katie Couric!

  2. says

    I am a Blogher’12 newbie as well! Our lists pretty much match! I have added perfecting my “elevator speech” — which is on my goals of “to-do’s” for tonight actually. A brief “commercial” on me/blog/purpose/why my blog is unique so I don’t stumble when describing what sort of seems like the indescribable – my blog :)

    Thanks for sharing – maybe will see you there. Love the last minute jump – make decisions quickly and change your mind slowly, right?

    PS, what backup battery did you get? I need the same — and this is something you just throw in your bag and doesn’t require an outlet?

  3. Val says

    Ohhh, how fun!!! To see, meet, and get to know all the women behind the blogs I can’t wait to get to every morning. Hope you have the best time!!

  4. says

    I am SO EXCITED for you Tiffany!! What an amazing experience it’s going to be. Your to-do list sounds perfect. I hope you’ll keep us updated with lots of FB posts and tweets!! <3

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