5 tips for awesome summer photos

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Our family has been slowly working through a very short summer fun list. Despite the facts that we have a major cross-country move looming, I’m recovering from an unexpected surgery, and our summer is booked with chaos, I wanted to make sure my girls got to experience some pure summer fun.

Our outings are purposeful, planned, and far between. By capturing some fantastic photos of our fun, I’m hoping the girls can look back on this crazy summer and see that they enjoyed the season as best we could. So even though my album in the works doesn’t include a single swimsuit shot yet, I’m hoping I can inspire you to capture some pretty summer memories of your own.

1. Get up early!: The morning light during summertime is gorgeous. Get up and get going as fast as you can and take advantage! This helps because the early hours are so much cooler and your kids won’t be totally melting down yet.

2. Look for the light: If you’re outside under open sky, try experimenting with backlighting. (This is much easier if you’ve followed tip number 1 above!) If you’re inside, look for big windows and angle your subject with the window to their side. If you’re in the shade, make sure your subject has her face towards the light, not her back. 

3. Include mom & dad: Don’t forget to get you and the other adults in your family in the photo too! My kids didn’t drive themselves to that strawberry farm!

4. Look for the unusual: Our summer is far from normal. I made sure to capture my silly Little Pea on an everyday run to Target wearing her favorite sunglasses of the moment. Run of the mill activities still happen between June – August, why not capture them too?

5. Make a big deal out of little things: We made my Peanut’s first ice cream cone an all-afternoon event–we scoped out a special stand that serves frozen custard, ordered the biggest homemade waffle cone they served, and let her enjoy every last drooly drippy bit of that chocolate treat. She practically required a bath in their restroom before we headed home but the photos I took of the event were totally worth the laundry mess that evening.

If you would like some more summer list inspiration, be sure to check out The Happy Family Movement. I’ve loved following along with their inspiration posts this summer.

Without the nudge from their site, I may not even have captured the few photos I’ve shared above! I’m so glad I didn’t lose this season just because of the chaos.

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