Doing something different for Leap Day

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Today is Leap Day and I just can't let it pass us by without posting. I don't know why, but I feel the need to mark today as special somehow! In honor of a day I feel we should be doing something different and unique, I wanted to share this photo I took over the weekend of the Peanut. 

There's a big story behind this photo that I want to share soon but I have to collect my thoughts to do it justice. The big point behind it though, is a decision to be more intentional with our choices and with our lives. In fact, "Intentional" is the word of the month for March over on Develop's Monthly Inspiration Challenges

This crazy dino is a big favorite of my girls. We've seen him 4 times in the last month on our trips back and forth to visit Handyman Tim at his project site. They beg me to stop for gas at this one particular stop along the way and the Peanut was Beyond Thrilled that she got to have her picture taken with him.

This kind of crazy kid joy needs to be documented and I love her big smiley face, even if it is small in relation to the photo. I see this image and I can instantly remember how she skipped back to the car after we were done and how both girls waved and called out "'Bye Bye, Saur!" followed by a chorus of "Roar!!" from the backseat.

So happy Leap Year Day to you. Are you doing something different today?

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