Project 2012: 1 | 52



Week 1 is complete for me. I'm going to be running my project from Sunday – Saturday each week but I know nothing I could take tomorrow is going to compete with this trio of images I captured this afternoon. I feel so much better with the pressure of the first images off my back. Why are blank pages so scary??

I may or may not share each week's photo here on the blog, it will depend on time. If you want to see my submimssions, look for me in our group or you can view my Project 52 set here. I also have my Instagram 366 set here. I'll be adding my 10 on 10 projects to their own set. (More details coming on that project soon. Mark your calendar for the 10th of the month if you're interested!) I still haven't figured out how I'm incorporating my monthly inspiration word.

I told you this is all a work in progress! It will all get figured out eventually. In the meantime, I'm hoping seeing some examples come in will help those of you who are still figuring things out and wondering where to start.

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