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Life Passes in an Instagram

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“The best camera is the one you have with you,” over the course of our friendship I cannot tell you how many times Tiffany has said this to me. In fact, when I think the quote, it is her voice inside my head. When she suggested I do an iPhone version of Project 366 I was sold.

Benefits of doing Project 52 or Project 366 on a smart phone? Let me share 5 reasons!

Right now I admit I am a bit of an iPhone Instagram junkie. However, I’ve read wonderful reviews about a variety of other must-have apps.

This is “the list” of the Top 7 Must-Have iPhoneography Apps. I will be playing with the following in the New Year:

If you already have any of these apps I’d love to hear your opinion! Want to see the power of these apps? Check out this wonderful eBook (PDF) full of mini-tutorials.

Are you an Android user? Most of the folk over at Develop are Apple fanatics. We’d love to hear your input. Please drop us a line in the comments sharing your favorite photo apps or suggestions for other participants who might want to do a mobile version on that platform.

Why am I participating in this project?  Here’s my story

If you’re interested in joining us all you need to do right now is:


Zina Harrington is an everyday photographer  participating in Project 2012 using a variety of cameras including an old Kodak, an advanced Fuji point & shoot, as well as her iPhone. The goal of her educational blog Let’s Lasso the Moon is to encourage parents & children alike to ask questions, grow, and enjoylearning. She believes a child is like the moon reflecting the light in their universe; that children echo our parenting style, our religious beliefs, our creativity, and our curiosity. Join Let’s Lasso the Moon & Develop in a quest for light.

  • Julie - I have signed up for the Flickr group and my Pinterest URL is

  • Christy - As an Android user I’m so jealous of instagram. They keep promising to get us a version, but so far nothing.
    I currently use my phones built in camera for most picture and they are fine-ish. I have the picplz app and use it (I hear it’s close to being as good as instagram), but I feel it takes pictures too slowly.
    I would love to hear what other Android users think.

  • scott - Instagram junkie here too, but this is a fantastic list with a few I was unaware of, thanks for sharing.

  • Regina Lynn - Liked on Facebook, joined on Twitter, and my Pinterest board is! Yay! This is gonna be fun! I have a D80 and I’m a serious amateur photographer, but my iPhone and Instagram has helped me capture a lot of moments I wouldn’t have ordinarily caught because the D80 was in it’s bag in the closet.

  • Kristen - I have a Droid and I use the app called “Retro Camera” and I LOVE it! I believe it’s quite close to what you can get using instagram. :)

  • Lindsey - Instagram is not that great.. I just went from a galaxy phone to an iPhone 4s and on my galaxy I had the Little Photo app.. MUCH better than anything I’ve gotten on the iPhone. It was a free app too.ReplyCancel

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