Stock Your Stash: Gift guide for kids

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Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I have several friends who are already done but I haven’t been quite that on the ball this year. Since I know I’m not alone, I’ve partnered up with some blogging friends to bring you a fantastic gift buying guide starting today and running right up until the end of December.

We’ll be featuring guides by recipient, today’s theme is what to get for your peanuts! Or, should I say for the peanuts on your list.

For years, I’ve taken the route of quality over quantity with my girls. They have more than their fair share of toys, but I try to limit the clutter and find more memorable items even if it means spending a little more and buying a little less. My list of suggestions will not necessarily be found on Amazon or Toys R Us but if you’re looking for something memorable or unqiue, I hope you’ll be pleased with what you find here.


Pint-sized Paparazzi:

My 1st Camera: Think your child is ready for their own camera? I wrote an entire post about our experience here. Christmas is a wonderful time for this very special gift.

Custom Camera Strap: With that first camera, this is nearly essential. If you can sew in a straight line, you can do this project in an hour. See my DIY camera strap tutorial here.

Just Like Mommy Camera Bag: Is mommy toting a fancy camera bag purse? Why not let the little one join the fun? Vera Bradley carries tiny padded purses (the Little Betsy style is featured in the photo to the left) that are just the right size for her to tote her camera and other small items. Be sure to check out the colors on sale for the best deals. This turquois one is available for $29.


Kitchen Helpers:

The Right Tools: Every kitchen helper needs the right tools for the job. I’m a big fan of these adorable aprons from Chasing Fireflies. The Peanut loves her kitchen apron and at some point I’ll be buying a set of personalized ones for the girls to match. I also love this tiny tool set from Paula Deen. They are the right size for little hands but are actual kitchen utensils, dishwasher safe. You can buy similar small and colorful items from World Market if you’re want to customize exactly which tools come in the set.

Cutie Cupcake Kit: Assemble a cupcake kit for your tiny baker and fill it with cute paper liners, candy sprinkles, a small frosting spreader, and a sweet little plate to put her masterpiece on before it is devoured. I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven but a brightly colored kit like this along with the promise of baking together would definitely suffice.

Kiddie Cookbook: There are tons on the market but I have my eye on You Can Cook by Annabel Karmel. I love Annabel’s books and used them when feeding the girls their first foods. Most recipes were big hits and the photo/illustration stylings are so sweet and appropriate.


Art vs. Craft:

My 1st Sewing Machine: Ever since reading Fanny to the Peanut I’ve been waiting to give her a very first sewing machine just like Fanny receives for her birthday. We’re not quite there yet, but I’ve bookmarked this tiny sewing machine for when the day comes. Include her own copy of Fanny and some fabric and thread and this would be an amazing holiday gift.

Coloring Outside the Lines: Another book on my wishlist for the Peanut this year is The Coloring Book by Herve Tullet. The reviews on Amazon are fantastic and I love the concept of teaching her color theory. She is such the little artist and spends hours with her art box. I bought an old-fashioned metal lunchbox with Hello Kitty on the front and filled it with crayons, colored pencils, and markers in every color. She has a safe “Little Pea-proof” place to store her tools and totes it all around the house. Make your own art box and include it with this book for a fabulous kit.

Paint Your Own Fairy House Kit: Collect an unpainted birdhouse from a craft store, some paints and some glitter and label it Tinkerbell’s new abode. Perfect winter craft that can be saved and put outside in your garden come spring time.


Simple Stocking Stuffers:


Stripey Straws from Shop Sweet Lulu: The Peanut went NUTS for these when I got a care package of them from my mother-in-law for my birthday. Santa will be bringing a package all her very own in her favorite color.

Doodle Roll: Perfect for tossing in your diaper bag or purse, this Doodle Roll is the perfect solution for your artist on the go. 30 feet of paper rolled up into the dispenser with a spot to stash some crayons.

Flower headbands by Banner Boutique: I stocked up on a few of these last winter and the girls look darling in them. Unfortunately, ours are all pink and clash with their Christmas red outfits. I’m scoping out the sweet white and sparkly versions they have available, we just love them.


Looking for more inspiration?

You’re in luck. Go check out:

Zina at Let’s Lasso the Moon who’s sharing her educational take on children’s gifts today.

Carrie at Diet & Ridicule is sharing her fitness themed gift ideas for your kids. I love the creative ideas for keeping the whole family healthy!

And be sure to come back again in the coming weeks as we cover the rest of the recipients on your list!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    This is a fantastic list! I typically dismiss these sorts of holiday guides because they’re all usually the same and don’t include anything unique or interesting, but I’ll be looking into several of these ideas. Thanks so much!


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