Master Bedroom: The “After”, part 1

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With the inspiration pictures and color palette all set to go, first step was convincing Handyman Tim to make us a headboard. I've seen so many cool examples of people using old doors as headboards but I'm an impatient lady. When I couldn't readily find an old door, I decided to see if we could make a headboard from scratch.

One of the photos I found on Pinterest lead me to a fantastic site with free plans. I found the exact how-to's on making a wooden headboard here. I showed the plan to Tim who considered it a feasible project. When he asked what color we wanted to paint it, I had in mind an ivory or calming neutral grey. He sighed and said, "If I'm going to do all this work, I don't want to paint it a boring color. Let's go bright."

So the orange bedding and accents I had imagined using to perk up the room quickly flew out the window as we decided to use the orange on the headboard itself!


I'm still in shock we went this bold but I love it. The room looks really awkward right now because I haven't hung the art I'm planning to use to tie it together. I also have plans for bringing just a bit of orange into the bedding. It will definitely make more sense when things are finished but I was too excited about this crazy headboard (and too proud of Handyman Tim) to wait to share the photos.

He easily finished the construction in an afternoon and then took his time over 2 or 3 days with a few coats of paint. Had we been in a bigger rush, he could have had it in place in 2 days. I don't even have any photos of him constructing it because he was done practically before I knew he had started. 


You can see how plain our current bedding is: calming blues and greens. A pretty log cabin quilt mixed with tiny conservative florals, plaids, and stripes. It looks jarring against that crazy orange back drop so it needs a little help.

I remembered reading that Portobellopixie has a new line of fabrics coming out soon. I took a look at her blog and sure enough the new line has a gorgeous mix of blues and orange:


I'll have to check it out in person to see the colors for myself but I'm excited to sew up a few accents and do some swapping with the current stuff. I love that diamond print towards the top. 

And lastly, do you remember our old lamps? Swapped! We love our new ones. They are so much brighter and cleaner than old ones were. Best of all, they feature a dimmer switch on the chord so it is easy to turn the light off when you're tucked in for bed. I picked them up during a recent trip to Ikea:

(The watercolor flower didn't come with the lamps, it is courtesy of the Peanut who gifted it to her daddy. He hangs it proudly on his side of the bed. It stays, coordinating or not.)

The next step is for me to tackle my sewing projects and figure out the art situation. We have a beautiful photograph of sunrise over the ocean that will be moving from our living room to the bedroom but it isn't large enough to stand alone in the space above the bed. I can't decide whether to attempt a display shelf or simply hang a few things up with the photo.

With the summery colors and beachy/water/outdoor theme that seems to be taking shape, I'm going to be keeping an eye open for end of season clearances. Who knows what I'll find. Anyone want to point me in the right direction?

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  1. Meridith Anderson says

    Looks like you have a great start. As I look at your photo, I’m wondering if you have given thought to sanding down your nightstands and giving them a paint job as well. I have seen such great results online. I also agree that brining in those other fabrics and some art will help as well. Can’t wait to see the end result!

  2. says

    Thanks, Meridith. I have considered the nightstands but for now I think they’ll stay the way they are. They match a smaller headboard and we plan to use them in a guest room someday. I’m not sure painting them is something I’m ready for just yet. I’d love to find something different to replace them with altogether! Thanks for the idea.


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