Birthday party flower alternative

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Birthdays in our house always have the following key elements:

1. Fancy cake
2. Birthday balloons tied to the birthday person’s dining table chair
3. Gifts wrapped in the colors of the party theme
4. Fresh flower bouquet

My mom started this tradition so long ago I don’t even remember when. She would determine our color theme and work all the elements around it so everything coordinated. I’ve tried to do the same with the birthdays I’ve been in charge of since getting married to Handyman Tim almost 10 years ago.

I originally planned Little Pea’s birthday party with our family to be the day after her actual birthday (so it fell on a weekend.) Unfortunately, Tim’s spring project is running long and though he’ll be here for her actual birthday, we have to postpone the party for at least a week.

But her birthday just won’t feel like a birthday unless I have those key elements! I’m putting off the big fancy cake and presents until her party. The least I can do is have some balloons and flowers for the little lady. I just didn’t want to spend the money on two separate floral bouquets in such a short time frame. So on a last minute burst of inspiration, I decided to buy some fresh flower plants for our garden and use them as our table centerpiece instead! Not only will the flowers last longer than a bouquet would have, we’ll get plenty of enjoyment of them outside this summer!

I’m so excited about how this ended up, I’ve declared this will be an official portion of Little Pea’s birthday traditions from here on out. Since I plan to garden with the girls this summer, it is the fitting jump start we needed!


So working around her pink and orange party theme, I found:

– pink ranunculus (one of my favorites! My bridesmaids carried a light pink version of these in their bouquets.)
– pink snapdragons
– orange gerbera daisies
– orange pansies

For what I would have spent on just the ranunculus alone at a floral shoppe, I managed to get an entire mini-garden of flowers to enjoy! I plan to cover up their plastic pots with orange and pink tissue paper and ribbons. Instant centerpiece!

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