Blogging 101 via The Creative Mama

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(What does this photo have to do with this post? Nothing really. Just felt like sharing another tulip photo with you.)

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my little blog here in the last few weeks. Keeping up with my posting schedule has been much more difficult with Little Pea around. I have less time in general for my sewing and crafting, etc. than I used to and my cooking feels more like a survival technique than an experimentation. Finding sources of inspiration comes in fits and spurts and I worry whether I'm keeping up an interesting enough little spot to warrant your attention.

Just as my confidence is starting to wane a bit, I came across The Creative Mama's "Blogging 101" eBook. In her intro to this free download she shares her love of blogging and what it has brought to her life. I'm so inspired by her tips and even after 2 years of my own blogging, I picked up more than a few ideas from her helpful document.

I'm sharing this awesome resource for two reasons:

1. I'm guessing maybe just maybe there is a reader or two that stops by that has toyed with starting up her own blog but doesn't know where to start. Start here. It is a simple and fantastic explanation of the options you'll face. And then be sure to let me know your new blog home so I can follow you!

2. One of my favorite tips from Bree's eBook is to ask your readers about what they'd like to see more of on your blog. If I were to make some changes around here, what would you like to see? I'm starting to noodle over some pretty big changes, but I'd love input from the people who make the effort to actually read this blog. Is there a topic you'd like to see more of? Feel free to comment or message me privately, whichever suits you best.

And because I don't say it nearly often enough: 

Thank you to YOU. Thank you for taking time from your day to stop by. Thank you for any comment you may have ever left me. I've read each and every one and they always make my day. You all are the motivation that keeps me writing and posting. I may write this blog as an outlet for me, but it is all because of you. 

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  1. says

    I’m popping out of the woodwork… I normally read your blog feed on my reader, and don’t come to the site very often, though when I do I enjoy it.
    I really love your photos, and how you talk about your photography. Your notes about using a camera, and the fact that you’re a little ahead of me (but not too much like professional photographers) is encouraging, because I can see that I can get to where you are… and soon.
    What I’d like to see more of… well not quite answering your question, I’ll say I love your photos. I also like your cooking posts, though I don’t always cook myself, I’ll print them off or send them to my boyfriend, who does most of the cooking. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I’d rather you do a few quick posts with a photo and some thoughts about your shot than a long post, though I like those too.
    Does this help?

  2. Christine M. says

    I enjoy reading your blog very much. I visit a couple of times a week and love seeing the photos of your adorable girls. I even placed an order with Penzeys Spices after reading your blog and am hooked (my daughter loves the Vanilla Sugar on strawberries). I would love to see more “stock your freezer” recipies. I have two young kids with active schedules and love it when there is something in the freezer that I can take out for dinner. No more wondering what’s for dinner. I also shop at Costco and have taken a few of your tips with me. I now purchase a roasted chicken every time I am there and freeze the meat in individual freezer bags (great idea). I hope you continue to blog, even if it is not quite as often. I’d miss your blog if it was gone.

  3. says

    Aw, thanks ladies! That’s so sweet of both of you.
    JC: Yes, that definitely helps!
    Christine, I’m so glad you like the chicken idea! My arms would be tied without my freezer, so those kind of recipes will always be featured here. I just have to try some new ones worth sharing!
    Thanks so much for the feedback. Very much appreciated.

  4. Zina says

    While I am not a photographer (or aspiring photographer) I do love the photos on the site. They are a visual break in my work day. They really brighten up the RSS feed with color and life.
    Thanks for giving us a personal glimpse into your daily life!


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