Gardening with the peanuts 2011

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Ugly and in all it's end of winter disarray, I present the future site of our 2011 garden project! 

I had a chat with Handyman Tim over the weekend and he agrees that a gardening project is exactly what our family needs this summer. Tim is going to help us get things set up and started and may do any heavy lifting we need in the process, but the girls and I are going to manage this area and turn it into a little garden. 

This is a hill on the south side of our house. Our current plan is to use railroad ties to build up a stepped raised garden. I have no idea what we're going to fill it with but I want to keep it manageable for our very first year. I'm thinking maybe tomatoes, herbs, some cutting flowers, and a few other veggies. 

This is the rest of the yard. Don't you love that random blue ball hanging out after the long winter?? Can't believe we missed it before the snow came. I want to do some landscaping that will hide those ugly utility boxes in the back and possibly put a few containers of shade plants here under our second-level deck.


We also need to mulch and trim up the area to it's 2009 glory. Oh how I wish adding a cement patio was in the budget! 

I'm taking notes and looking everywhere for ideas and inspiration. Any and all suggestions are welcome! What kind of plants do you recommend? Thoughts on layout? Are you doing a garden project this summer?

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  1. says

    That will be PERFECT for a garden! Railroad ties…raised beds…oh, it looks dreamy and lush to me already!
    We used the plastic lattice made for decks to create a climbing area for beans in our garden and it works great! You might need to think about a fence if you have bunny issues…
    Lettuce is always an easy grower. As are beans and tomatoes. Max loves growing squash and pumpkins and corn and sunflowers too…but be careful with squash, as it takes up a lot of room.
    With raised beds, you can also plan on crop rotation…so your soil doesn’t lose too much nutrients growing certain crops. I’ll look to find the website that helps you determine which crops grow well next to each other….
    So exciting! I expect LOTS of progress pictures!

  2. Colet says

    Squirrels got everything last year. I think husband and children are planting tiny landmines this Spring. So I guess you could say we’ll be harvesting squirrel stew?


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