Miracle of miracles

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It took a very personal gift from a dear friend to finally get a photo of both my girls together. My friend Colet sent these adorable matching yellow outfits (handmade with love by herself and her mother in law as a vacation project!) for the girls and I absolutely needed to get photo documentation of their use.

Now not only do I have a sweet pair of outfits, but I finally have a photo of the girls together! Aren't they so sweet and precious?

Angels, I tell you.


Except, not really. Not so very much at all.

THIS is more what the photo process looked like to get that sweet photo above:

Could the Peanut look any sassier or more miserable? Could poor Little Pea look any more uninterested and confused? The bottom right photo cracks me up every single time I see it. THAT is the look that I see most often on Peanut's face when looking at her precious baby sister. 

Mine are not the children who hug and coo over one another from Day 1. 

Mine are the children who are learning to love each other tiny bit by tiny bit as the days march onwards.

To Peanut's credit, she now refers to Little Pea as "My baby." As in, "What's wrong to my baby? Mommy, my baby wants her  milk. Mommy, my baby is crying, help her." She is sweet and protective over Little Pea. From a distance.

Just don't ask her to hold her sister. Or to touch her in any way, really. 

Unless there are suckers promised afterwards.

Yes, there were suckers promised afterwards. I'm not afraid of good old fashioned bribery. Sad fact for Peanut, there weren't actually any suckers anywhere in the house. Mommy learned her lesson there.

That angelic smile up above? Not, "How I love my sister."

More: "I'm getting a non-existent sucker." 

I'm an evil mom.

An evil mom with an adorable picture of her baby girls and a good friend behind it all. Thanks, Colet, for the awesome matching outfits as well as this whole hysterical memory that now goes with them.   

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  1. Colet says

    Hysterical. I may like the bottom one the best, too. Now when I look at the top one I see a “ooooh, sugarrrr” glazed gaze. How sweet you are to me — this post really made my morning! You are a treasured friend.

  2. Renee says

    Hahahaha! The picture truly is beautiful, but telling us the story and showing us the other snapshots makes it more… real. Or something. LOL! Thank you for the glimpse into how you GOT to the beautiful picture of your sweet angels with their spectacular eyes!

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