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Gratuitous baby shot: Little Pea’s portrait

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Thanks to this crazy little blog of mine, I couldn't help but pick up this onesie while I was waiting for Little Pea to arrive. She's going to be 3 months old next week, what?! So I wanted to capture her portrait in her special onesie to share it with all of you. 

July 28: Sweet Pea

Thanks for helping with the nickname situation all those months ago. This will be hanging on the wall right next to the peanut's portrait.

Colet - Beautiful. I think I can count her eyelashes in this shot.

Zina Harrington - I keep coming back to this. I am just in love with her face and your photo.

Heather - Oh my!!!! What a cutie!!!

Kristina - This a beautiful photo! It sure helps when your subject is an absolute doll. Love it.

Renee - Oh, Tiffany! She is beautiful! I can’t get over the eyes. And I think she looks a lot like Peanut :-)

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