Project 365: Do you have a Macro setting?

I'm still very enthusiastic about Project 365 and I've been chugging along taking my photos. It has to be said, though, January is a very tough month to embark on this kind of project. In my efforts to take something interesting every day, I'm battling bad weather, bad lighting, and bad moods. So many days we haven't been able to leave the house and it is quite the challenge to find something new to show from the same environment day in and day out.

I guess that is kind of the point of the project but it becomes pretty apparent how hum drum our lives are in the cooped up days of winter. 

So, I've been playing with my Macro setting. Does your camera have this setting? I learned a few years ago just how useful it can actually be. The white M&M candies below are nearly impossible for my camera to focus on at this length without the macro setting turned on.


Once I discovered how to use that setting properly, it quickly became my favorite feature to use. I'm drawn to close-up photos of small things. I love how the combo of the Macro setting and the Portrait setting draws what I want into focus and throws the background into a bit of blur. 

That's the camera combination I use on most of the photos of fabric projects you see in this blog. 

Just a little nugget for you to dig up your manual to see if you can find it on your own camera. Have fun playing!

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  1. Colet says

    I wonder if my camera even has a macro setting? I love your photographs, always. But: I also wouldn’t mind seeing pics of the peanut when she’s a crabapple. Bet she’s still cute! (You know, as w/all preschoolers, from a safe distance…)

  2. says

    I just wanted you to know after I read this post I went searching for chocolate in our house! Hah!
    I’m going to have to start playing with my macro setting as well, you’ve inspired me!

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