Operation Household Overhaul

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It is the end of the year and Handyman Tim is using up his last vacation days before they expire. Since we are fairly ready for Christmas by now, our thoughts have turned to the state of our home and the impending arrival of Little Pea. I know we still have many months to go, but I fear it will take that much time to get this place ready for the chaos a new little one will bring.

When we first bought our home as a childless couple, we assumed that life would allow us to move on to a bigger place by the time we needed extra room for a second baby. Foolish us. Now we are in the position of making the most out of what we have and that is going to require a lot of creativity. 

 The day we closed on our house 

Over the next two weeks we will be making major headway on the entire upheaval of pretty much every single room in our entire house. Bedrooms are being switched, office space relocated, furniture mixed and matched, and a basement semi-finishing project started not to mention the reorganization and decluttering of kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. 

This is a major project we are embarking on and one that will take many many months to complete. I've decided that since much of my crafting time will be devoted to beautifying each new space, I'm going to do some before and after documenting. 

With New Year's Resolutions time fast approaching, if you're interested in working alongside me, I'd like to share the little "tool" that started this all: the Fly Lady. I'm just finishing up her book "Sink Reflections" and I plan to follow her baby steps program starting yesterday. The chaos we live in is just not going to work when I'm trying to manage two little ones and keep my sanity at the same time. You are witnessing Major Nesting first hand, folks. 

So, posting will be lighter over the next two weeks and will likely be simply photo-based. I figure you're all busy with celebrating and festivities, so I hope you'll check in when you can and join me in the New Year for more fun.

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  1. Moira says

    The FlyLady Program is really unbelievable! Perfect and suitable to anyone. My house is so much better now… Babysteps are helping so much!
    Baci! *


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