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On the hunt for project supplies

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Several of my Christmas projects require the use of felt for accent. In particular, I'm looking for a nice shade of green to make up the leaves on my peppermint posies and for tree accents on the tree skirt. I've never worked with felt before, but I have made a concerted effort to use the best quality supplies for my projects as possible. I want them to be family treasures that hold up holiday after holiday. With that in mind, I plan to try out Heather Bailey's new line of felt.


She just recently announced this addition to her product line and you can see the full rainbow of color options in her store.

I've lusted after Heather's fabric lines for a while now and love her design style. The color options in her felt line made my heart skip.


I am thinking "Evergreen" will be the shade I go with for this particular round of use. But then of course, if I'm ordering one, I might as well order a few to take advantage of shipping, right?? I'm pretty sure I could find use for "Bubblegum", "Spring Leaf", and "Wheat" in the future as well.

I have just the biggest urge to pet that photo. Don't you?

**Photos courtesy of Heather Bailey

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